Wordle is that game you can easily play during moments when you get bored and want something to preoccupy yourself, such as during your commute to work, before you sleep, or waiting for your friend to show up at the café. Playing it does not require you to spend hours completing a mission or pushing your mind to its limit since you need to defeat enemies. Wordle is super simple.

It’s a brand-new month and a brand-new day, meaning a brand-new puzzle to solve on Wordle. For those hearing about this game for the first time, Wordle has its players aiming to correctly guess the daily five-letter word, but only within six tries. The fewer the guesses, the better. 

There is a winning streak you can maintain, provided that you guess the Wordle word for the day daily. But, if you fail to guess a day’s word, you’ll break your winning streak, of course. 

So, for those who don’t want to break their winning streak – as if there’s prize money from Wordle like in online casinos, right?! – here are the answer and hints to today’s Wordle puzzle. 

Hints For Today’s Wordle Solution

If you still want to challenge your brain and don’t want to know the answer right away, here are some hints for today’s Wordle.

  1. There are no repeating letters in today’s word. 
  2. The word for February 1st has three vowels. 
  3. The fourth letter is the letter “V.”
  4. You may be the embodiment of this word. 

What’s The Answer To Today’s Wordle?

If those clues are still too hard for you that you still couldn’t guess today’s Wordle, let’s get straight to the answer. 

Drum roll, please!

The answer to Wordle #957 is… 


Yes. If you did not look at this section before you typed in the word in the game and guessed it wrong, don’t worry because a new Wordle is coming to you tomorrow, February 2nd. However, only that you’ll lose your winning streak.

Etymology And Meaning Of Today’s Wordle

Now for those who are a bit geeky, here are the etymology and meaning of today’s Wordle.

“Alive” stems from different Middle English words, such as “olife” and “alife.” These words find their respective origins in “on lif” from Old English, which can be translated literally as “in life.” The “on” is a variant of “in,” while the “lif” is a variant of “life.”

According to star dictionary Merriam-Webster, “alive” is an adjective whose meanings include “having life, not dead or inanimate,” “still in existence, force or operation,” “knowing or realizing the existence of something,” and “marked by alertness, energy, or briskness.”

Wordle Answers In The Past 3 Days

The Wordle answers during the past three days are: 

  • BULKY for January 31st
  • EXPEL for January 30th
  • LEGGY for January 29th

Happy Wordle-ing!

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