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We live in a digitized world today. We all go online every day and our kids follow our example. But the thing is that adults control what they do online, but kids don’t. Our kids start using social media websites too early but they can’t be protected from scammers. Such websites as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can be a superb way for kids to interact with each other. But parents have to control what their kids do online as social media apps for kids have many pitfalls.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at social media safety tips. We hope that these recommendations will help you protect your kids from danger.

Be Aware of Bullying

Unfortunately, bullying is our reality. This doesn’t mean that social interaction always results in bullying but it often happens. Keep an eye on your child, talk to them, know their friends and interests. In doing so, you’ll prevent them from being a victim of bullying.

Establish an Age Limit for Your Kids to Use Social Media

Learn more about all modern social media websites and you’ll see that to use Facebook and similar websites is not allowed for kids at the age of 7. Psychologies say that kids are allowed to create accounts on social media websites only at the age of 13. On top of that, parents should have access to these accounts.

Learn More about “Facebook Depression”

Have you already heard about the term “Facebook Depression”? People look at the happy events of others on social media and feel bad and disappointed because they aren’t as happy as bloggers and don’t have as colorful life as they have. This may influence kids with poor self-esteem. Adults understand that people prefer posting only happy news on social media. But kids are too small to understand that.

To prevent this from happening, you need to talk to your children and explain that what they see on social media is not always true. This doesn’t mean that a blogger’s everyday life is the same. People usually don’t make posts about mistakes, failures, or times when they feel bad.

Always Check Your Kids’ Privacy Settings

When your child has finally created an account on social media, you need to remain vigilant about keeping their privacy settings updated. The thing is that social media websites always add security settings to provide their users with the maximum protection. But in some instances, you need to update them manually.

Make Your Kid’s Profile Private

Almost all social networking websites provide their users with an opportunity to make their accounts private. That’s a very good idea for young users of social media. In such a scenario, only some people have access to the content on their profiles. Therefore, you can rest assured this account is protected from people that may misuse it.

Make Sure Your Kids Trust You

You have to set a solid foundation of trust with your children. Simply put, you have to be sure that if something terrible happens, your kids will come to you and you’ll help solve them. When you are someone your children feel like they can rely on, they will be more likely to share their secrets with you.

Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Post Personal Details Online

Though social media is an integral part of modern life, it is not wise to share your personal information (phone number, address) on your accounts. Therefore, you need to talk to your kids to make sure they understand what kind of information can be shared online and what should be hidden, and why.

Check If They Have a Strong Password

You know that simple passwords as “1,2,3,3” aren’t secure. Talk to your kids about this and learn them to use online password generators that can easily create strong passwords for them. Of course, this doesn’t protect them from scammers, but it will be difficult to hack this page.

Following all these tips, you’ll surely protect your kids from scammers and bullying online. Remember that we live in the 21st century and we can’t make social media strictly prohibited. However, you can talk to them and keep them safe online.

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