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It is difficult for a modern person to stay in one place. There are no barriers to getting an education abroad or a new position in a reputable foreign company. In the current realities and unstable situation in many countries, it is not superfluous to provide yourself with a reserve airfield. It is suggested to consider Malta. Beautiful landscapes, endless beaches, and delicious food attract many foreigners. Economic and political stability are the main factors that testify to the opportunity to open and develop their own business to bring it to the world level.

Economic growth attracts the attention of entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. The best way to join the current system is to obtain Malta citizenship by naturalization. It is not the fastest way, but it promises considerable advantages.

Overview of citizenship by naturalization in Malta

How to formalize the procedure? This question is disclosed in more detail at immigrantinvest.com. The general information is as follows:

  • the assignment of Maltese citizens for the applicant in writing (it is sufficient to involve several people);
  • having a regular income, legally obtained;
  • availability of Maltese health insurance;
  • passing examinations in language, law, and history.

In order to obtain citizenship by naturalization, the applicant must have the support of two persons who are not members of his family. They also have certain requirements: the position (lawyer, doctor, civil servant, and others) of one of them and the background and attainment of the age of the majority of the other.

The right to receive the benefits of a Malta passport is granted to foreigners, provided that they have lived in the country for four years in conjunction with a permanent residence permit and a residence permit for the last six years. It is not allowed to leave the country for more than six months. Once the application has been submitted, residence in the country for twelve years is mandatory.

Advantages of Maltese Passport

The government offers mutually beneficial conditions for foreigners. The main Malta citizenship advantages are:

  • residence, development of own business in conditions of economic stability;
  • opportunity to get an education, a good job in European countries;
  • traveling without restrictions (more than 180 destinations are available);
  • quality medical care;
  • developed infrastructure and others.

According to expert Zlata Erlach (Immigrant Invest company), the offer is an excellent option for business owners wishing to enter the global market.

Access to Numerous Countries

Malta is the best solution for those who love freedom of action. It offers visa-free travel to more than 180 popular destinations. These include all Schengen countries, Canada, the USA, Australia and the UK. The list expands with the establishment of new connections.

Financial Advantages

A specialist will help you choose a suitable program and place to settle. This is an excellent chance to get a residence permit in a country with a stable economy and a decent standard of living.

Malta attracts foreigners with developed financial, technological spheres, and health care systems. Much attention is paid to the development of hotel and tourist business.

Improved Quality of Life

Quality reforms in the health care system have placed Malta in the top 30 countries for health care services. Health insurance covers treatment in public facilities. That is why the country has a high life expectancy and a low mortality rate.

Business Opportunities

Tax legislation is thought out down to the smallest detail. The best conditions are offered for expanding business and bringing it to the world stage. This is due to strong relations with European countries.

Tropical and Safety

The geopolitical conditions of the country are extremely favorable for its development. Foreigners wishing to get a second passport get an excellent alternative for permanent residence. This is due to stable conditions, a democratic system of government, strong economic development, and other benefits. The low crime rate is not neglected.

The official language is English. There will be no problems with communication skills when applying for a job or hiring employees in your own company.


There are no problems when trying to obtain a second citizenship. Requirements for this are quite realistic:

  • attainment of majority;
  • a clean background;
  • availability of medical insurance;
  • confirmation of legitimate sources of income;
  • absence of visa refusals.

Immigrant Invest specialists will help you to submit an application, taking into account all peculiarities.

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