Nendoroid Figure for Kingdom Hearts 2’s Riku Has Been Announced

A couple of weeks ago, Good Smile Company revealed a brand-new Nendoroid version of Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2. In line with this, the company has recently announced yet another Nendoroid based on another Kingdom Hearts 2 character: Riku.

Nendoroid figures of characters from the first game were already released before, but now fans are given the chance to update their collection with these newer and better versions from the sequel.

This new and improved Riku Nendoroid even comes with different proportions to show just how much he has grown from the first title. That being said, the Riku figure will come with two different face plates. The first face plate shows Riku with a serious expression, while the second one has the character smiling. For buyers who want to change the face plate, they can simply remove his bangs.

Among other things, other items that are a part of the package include Riku’s “Way to the Dawn” keyblade, as well as Kairi’s letter and the bottle that came with it. Since Nendoroid’s have removable and swappable parts, fans who have the Sora Nendoroid can use his hand to allow Riku to hold the letter.

By doing so, dedicated fans will be able to recreate a memorable scene in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, albeit in Nendoroid form. With that in mind, it’s worth noting that the Riku figure can swap items with the Sora figure, but both products have to be bought separately.

The Riku Nendoroid will also have additional parts for the arms, hands, and legs. Just like all the other Nendoroid figures sold by Good Smile Company, this one will have a clear, plastic base as well. For those who want Riku to do a couple of poses, they can insert a similarly-clear plastic peg into the figure’s back.

The Nendoroid is now available for preorder until early next year, specifically on January 7, 2021. As such, interested buyers should definitely get their hands on the figure as soon as possible just in case stocks run out, especially since the Good Smile Company website doesn’t state if the company has plans to re-release this particular figure in the future.

There are different storefronts wherein players can preorder, such as the official website of Good Smile Company and other authorized resellers.

As for the Nendoroid of Sora from Kingdom Hearts 2, fans can still preorder the figure until December 10. Besides, fans can save on shipping if they preorder both Nendoroids of Riku and Sora now — having both gives players the opportunity to re-enact scenes from the game.

That being said, Sora’s figure is expected to ship a month before Riku’s, which means that fans will have to wait a little bit before they can reunite the two characters. It’s also worth mentioning that Sora is more expensive than Riku, possibly because his figure comes with more accessories, including a face plate wherein Sora is eating a popsicle.

Given how popular the Kingdom Hearts franchise is in general, fans are hoping that Good Smile Company will release more characters from the series, allowing them to collect their favorites.

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