Kitchen With Furniture and Appliances

The kitchen plays an important role in any home. This is a multifunctional space where food is prepared, and the family gathers for dinner. Therefore, kitchen remodeling is thought out from the beginning to the smallest detail. To facilitate the repair process, it is carried out in stages. Start with the main idea. It is important to think clearly about how the room should turn out. This design, the location of equipment, furniture, and other things. You need to have a good idea of ​​what the future kitchen should turn out to be. A design project by a kitchen remodeling contractor in Bucks County, PA helps a lot. This makes it much easier to imagine how to use the available square meters. This is the stage of repair with the identification of errors and pitfalls. Some decisions change, and some ideas have to be abandoned. When all problems are fixed, the final stage begins. This is a direct implementation.

Mistakes in kitchen design are not only inappropriate color and fittings but also in planning, manufacturing, and installation.

Mistakes when planning a kitchen set

Wrong work triangle

If the kitchen is large or has an elongated rectangle, there is a risk of lining up all the furniture along the wall and turning the cooking process into a sprint from the refrigerator to the stove and back.

What to do: analyze the functionality of your ideal kitchen and, depending on the area and configuration of the room, choose a corner kitchen, a kitchen with an island, or a U-shaped suite. The tops of the working triangle – a sink, stove, and refrigerator – should be close to each other.

Shelves instead of drawers

A common mistake is to plan ordinary shelves where they can be replaced with drawers. The fact is that deep shelves are not convenient to use, and it is difficult to get to the most distant things. Often such shelves turn into a “graveyard” of dishes and cereal stocks.

What to do: Order drawers instead of regular swing cabinets. To save the budget, you can reduce the number of roll-out systems themselves but increase their height.

Few lamps

When planning a kitchen, it is tempting to use only general ceiling light and forego cabinet lighting to save money. But in the future, you may regret this decision when you have to cook in the dark.

What to do: Consider several levels of lighting – overhead light aimed at the work area, built-in lights under the top drawers, and a light above the dining table. Place the switches so that they are at hand in different areas.

Lack of space for stand-alone equipment

A worktop is needed not only for cooking but also in order to put the equipment that is needed every day – a kettle, coffee machine, toaster, or something else. Otherwise, you will have to constantly take them out of the closet and put them back.

What to do: provide a place for appliances on the countertop before ordering a headset (and sockets). It is impossible to embed absolutely everything!

Mistakes when choosing a kitchen design

Ready headset

Buying a ready-made headset, at first glance, seems like a good and simple solution. But even if you manage to choose an option that suits the dimensions and style of the kitchen, it will still not take into account your individual needs. Therefore, the typical option may disappoint you, being inconvenient and impractical.

What to do: Сontact designers to create the perfect kitchen set. Only the project allows you to get a functional kitchen with a competent layout and stylish design that you will like.

Handles that get in the way

Protruding handles are an insidious thing. They are able to reduce the opening angle of the cabinet door located in the corner. It is especially disappointing if, because of this, it is not possible to load the dishwasher normally or open the oven.

What to do: Use push-to-open systems or integrated handles.

Marble top and backsplash

Marble is beautiful but has a porous structure. Dirt penetrates deep into the material and cannot be washed off.

What to do: Use a countertop made of artificial stone or granite; it is much easier to clean. We also recommend countertops made of high-quality chipboard with a durable coating.

Glossy facades

Shiny facades look, of course, very impressive, but fingerprints remain on them (especially in the area of ​​handles!). These surfaces should be wiped down every day.

What to do: choose matte facades. They look noble and are more practical in everyday life. If you like shining, choose not smooth but textured facades: fingerprints on them are not so striking.

Savings on accessories

Poor-quality fittings will quickly fail, and cabinet doors will sag and stop opening.

What to do: Do not save on components. Make a kitchen plan in advance and think over the system for opening cabinets. So you will understand what accessories you need.

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