Knockout City Season 2 Skins and Map Launching Next Week

Season 2 of EA’s Knockout City will provide new maps and skins, bringing Dodgeball to the big screen. Knockout City was a multiplayer smash at debut, with 2 million players in only three days after a well-received crossplay testing phase. Players may now play the game for free until they reach level 25, after which they will have to pay for the complete version.

Velan Studios debuted the forthcoming season 2 of Knockout City, dubbed “Fight at the Movies,” during the EA Play Live 2021 webcast. Season 2 has a new map, ball, movie-themed skins, and more stuff to earn during the season.


The new map, dubbed the Holowood Drive-in, will transform into scenes from various movie genres during a battle. Although the number of changes and genres are unclear at this time, the reveal trailer depicts a big fantasy-style castle, gothic spires, and a pink, flowery bed to brawl on. The new Soda Ball goes along with the map. Players may shower opponents with a big burst of fizzy soda by covering their screen in pop like a Blooper in Mario Kart.

League Play will be updated for season 2 with new prizes in addition to the new content. There will also be new playlists, including one in which every player in the game is a ball. Season 2 will also include cosmetic items based on the movies that may be earned.

One of them is a new limo-type crew car for which you may invest your hard-earned style points. When you finish new Crew Contracts, you’ll be able to access more goods. Season 2 of Knockout City premieres on all platforms on July 27.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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