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Classics in Modern Interpretation: Try Fantastic Free Reelin Joker Slot


If you are in the mood to have fun and win some cash with an exciting slot machine, don’t pass by Free Reelin Joker. The gaming solution was developed by Play’N GO, which already speaks volumes. It’s one of the most reputable casino software providers whose games are adored by millions of gamblers. Free Reelin Joker is a classic slot with an excellent interface and convenient gameplay that is understandable even for newcomers. This gambling game will allow you to transfer into an old-fashioned gaming establishment and get tons of fun and adrenaline.

This user-friendly, attractive, and bright slot machine was released in 2021 and is considered one of the company’s most demanded products. You can find it on multiple online gaming platforms, and Dr Bet casino is one of them. This safe and reliable casino provides many benefits for its players, including excellent service and attractive bonuses.

Main Details About Free Reelin Joker

If you want to try something unique, this innovative slot machine will delight you with its features. This Play’N GO gaming solution has the following characteristics:

  • Three reels and one payline
  • 96.17% RTP
  • Medium volatility
  • Minimum bet £0.1
  • Maximum bet £100
  • Maximum possible winning: 1000x your initial bet

Experienced players will say that three reels and only one payline are too standard and boring, but the slot machine has a little secret. The developer created the “additional reels” function, allowing the addition of extra reels during the game. So, it’s possible to expand the field by up to 6 reels, providing gamblers with even more fun and higher winnings.

Graphics, Soundtrack & Symbols Available in Free Reelin Joker

This retro-style game is highly appreciated by those who prefer classics. Fruit slot machines will never lose their relevance, and additional gameplay features will never make users feel bored. The soundtrack is worth special attention since the dynamic music adds even more adrenaline.

The symbols on the field include lemons, grapes, cherries, sevens, plums, and Jokers. Combinations with three matching icons can bring players up to 300 coins, while six similar symbols will provide up to 25,000 coins. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Bonus Icons & Features in Free Reelin Joker

While ordinary symbols can simply bring multiplications, bonus features make gaming even more exciting and profitable. Of course, the most famous slot’s feature is the expanding reels activated when at least one Joker appears on the field. It allows to open up to three additional reels, providing players with more chances of getting a winning combination.

Free Reelin Joker also has a Wild symbol that substitutes other icons to form combinations. The ordinary Joker replaces other characters, while the Golden Joker will also double the winning. Unfortunately, this Play’N GO slot doesn’t offer free spins, which is disappointing for many users. Of course, the available features are excellent and beneficial, but we wish the provider could update the game and add the possibility of receiving bonus rounds.

How to Play Free Reelin Joker

Even if you are new to the gambling industry, you will quickly figure out how to start. The gameplay is easy and understandable, so proceed with the following steps to try your luck:

  • Choose your bet size (from £0.1 to £100 per spin)
  • Click the “Spin” button
  • Wait for the end of the round and its outcome

Those who don’t want to stay in front of the screen and click the button manually can take advantage of the auto spin mode. It implies that the user should adjust all settings, including the bet size and the number of rounds, and wait for the outcome. The program will do everything, so you can remain multitasked when playing the slot machine.

Gamble on Your Smartphone with Maximum Comfort

According to statistics, more and more users prefer mobile gambling since it’s more convenient and fun. You can spin the reel during a break at work, driving home, or having lunch. Nowadays, most gaming solutions are fully compatible with smartphones and tablets. Free Reelin Joker is not an exception: Play’N GO works hard to provide its fans with the most convenient gambling options.

You don’t have to download any additional software to try Free Reelin Joker on your mobile device. Enter the casino site in your browser and choose the desired slot machine. After that, you can start playing, enjoying all the benefits, including high-quality gameplay, bonus features, and autoplay mode. Many players think that the graphics quality worsens, but we hasten to dispel this myth – well-drawn details remain excellent even on the smallest devices.

Pros and Cons of the Slot Machine & Our Verdict About the Casino Game

To summarize, we would like to highlight the slot machine’s most significant advantages and disadvantages to conclude whether it’s worth your attention. So, let’s start with the positive points that we’ve noticed:

  • Fantastic design and convenient gameplay
  • Low minimum bet, making the slot available for every user
  • The broad betting range for usual gamblers and high rollers
  • Medium volatility, providing average winnings quite frequently
  • Wild symbols for creating more successful combinations
  • The innovative expanding reels feature
  • Availability of autospin feature
  • The game loads in a few seconds independently of the casino you choose

However, the game also has some significant disadvantages that might be important for players:

  • Average RTP
  • Lack of bonus features

Perhaps some players will consider the cons of this slot too significant and will never try it. However, we enjoyed the old-fashioned idea of this game and a few bonuses that can eventually bring good winnings. In addition, the maximum possible win is relatively high, so it’s worth trying your luck! No wonder Play’N GO is considered the industry leader: its inspiring games of excellent quality will diversify your leisure time and allow you to win fantastic cash prizes.

Are NFTs the Future of Gaming?


NFTs have the potential to turn the gaming industry on its head. Here, we explore what NFT games are all about, why they are increasingly popular, and how they change the gaming world.

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for nonfungible token. This is a unit of data. It is stored on a digital ledger known as a blockchain. A blockchain is also used as storage for cryptocurrency, but NFTs are slightly different.

Each NFT represents a digital asset like a photograph, digital artwork, video, or audio file. The NFT certifies the uniqueness of a digital asset, so they are not interchangeable like a unit of cryptocurrency. In gaming, NFTs can represent avatars, skins, weapons, and all sorts of in-game collectible items that would typically be earned or purchased.

How are NFTs able to change gaming?

We’ve seen that models of business in gaming have been much the same for a while now. Nearly all games have made their money in one of two ways. Either they are purchased initially for a more significant sum, or they are offered free, or they are almost free, but they require subscriptions or offer in-app purchases.

With either of these models, any purchase or acquisition you make stays within the game. The game developers have all the rights and ownership of any digital asset within the game. So, there is no way to resell any of your assets to other players or take them to another game. NFTs offers the opportunity to overcome this problem.

NFTs have opened up a world where you can trade your digital gaming assets with other players. This is a significant change. It is possible to make large sums of money by earning and then selling digital assets. Or, more commonly, by purchasing assets as an investment and selling them on. Let’s explore these virtual marketplaces in more detail.

Play to earn

Gamers now get the choice. Would they like to spend their money on games that provide a short-term hit of fun only? Or would they want to play games where they get to retain their assets and potentially recoup or even profit from them? When it’s put like this, it’s easy to see why NFT games are shaking things up in the gaming world.

The value of game assets can vary considerably. The resale value will depend on the game’s scarcity, aesthetics, and other subtleties. Some game assets can grow in value much, whereas others might be poor investments. Like all forms of finance, it is essential to be cautious.

Here are more advantages offered by NFT games.

More power to the players

With pay-to-play traditional game models, there is always a risk that the game’s owners could delete a player’s assets or bar them from the competition. However, when a player owns the digital assets used in that game, that risk disappears. Whatever happens, those assets are yours to resell, trade, or do whatever you want.

The same applies when you grow tired of a game and your interest switches to another. You could have spent hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands, on in-game collectibles by playing pay-to-play games. By quitting the game, you would be saying goodbye to that money. However, with NFT games, you can recoup what you spend.

Play to earn

NFT games offer play-to-earn. Axie Infinity is one of the best-known NFT games. In this game, the more time you spend playing the game, the greater the compensation with NFTs. You can trade or sell in-game characters, land plots, and collectibles to other players for real money.

The model used by Axie Infinity is already popular, and you can expect more companies to adopt it. Natural communities and economies are building in and around games like this. It’s possible to earn hundreds of dollars a month playing Axie Infinity which means players are forging a professional career from the game in some parts of the world where the cost of living enables it.

Remember that this is a growing area of gaming. Watch this space for more lucrative opportunities to earn as you play.

More player participation

The community element of the play-to-earn and NFT game models is a big draw. Because players have so much control over their assets, they can participate in the growth of a game and help mold it. The more gamers get involved in these games, the more they will evolve and expand.

Flipping traditional models

Just like cryptocurrencies have disrupted the finance world, many people believe that NFTs are likely to overturn the world of gaming. This is because they empower individuals who benefit from playing the game rather than the shareholders. While some argue that the greater profitability of pay-to-play games means that the industry will be reluctant to let them go, it will be hard for game developers to ignore the popularity of NFT games.

3 Casino Games Based on Video Games You’ll Love

blue, red, and green Pac-Man wall painting

There’s something about video games that just seems to suck people in. They take us on amazing adventures and allow us to escape from the mundane realities of everyday life. Maybe it’s the immersive worlds, the challenging puzzles, or the sense of satisfaction that comes with completing a difficult level. Whatever it is, gamers are passionate about their favorite titles, and many of them like to take that love into the casino world. Lucky for them, some clever casino developers have taken popular video games and turned them into slot machines – complete with sounds and graphics that mimic the original gameplay. Video games are a huge industry, and it’s no surprise that online casinos have started to cash in on the trend. 

There are now dozens of online casino games based on popular video games, and with new games being released every day, it can be hard to keep track of all the latest trends. Inspired by some of the most popular games out there, these slots offer an immersive gaming experience that is sure to please fans of both casino games and video games alike. So, whether you’re a fan of Pac-Man, Street Fighter, or Tetris, there’s a slot machine waiting for you to spin it up and see what happens! The best online casinos where you can try these slots can be found at rahapelit-netissa.com. In this blog post, we will explore three casino games that are based on popular video games. You’re going to love them!

Pac-Man: Wild Edition

When people think of classic arcade games, Pac-Man is likely one of the first that comes to mind. As it turns out, you can now bring all of the excitement of this classic game to your favorite online casino by playing the Pac-Man slot machine. This online slot game is based on everyone’s favorite yellow dot-muncher, Pac-Man. This game features the main symbols from the original video game, as well as some bonus rounds that are based on famous features from the games. With vibrant graphics and exciting bonus rounds, this slot is sure to provide hours of fun.

Pac-Man slot machines offer all the excitement of the original game, with some added twists to make things even more interesting. This slot game was created in a collaboration between the game developer Ainsworth and Bandai Namco, the game company that initially released the arcade game in 1980. Pac-man: Wild Edition is played on a 5-reel, 3-row layout. There is also an extra row that can drop down symbols on the game screen. If you manage to get three wild symbols on the reels, the bonus game is activated, which expands the grid to 9 rows while rewarding you with 8 free spins that can be retriggered. The game has many exciting features, which can give you extra spins, win multipliers or take you to a unique jackpot game. Of course, just like in the original game, Pac-Man can also eat other symbols in the slot version. If you’re a fan of Pac-Man or even just online slots, this is one game you won’t want to miss. So, get ready to relive some childhood memories while potentially earning some payouts!

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot 

Street Fighter fans rejoice! This game is sure to get your blood pumping with its fast action and exciting bonus rounds. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot is a fast-paced online casino slot machine released by Net Entertainment. Based on the popular video game franchise, Street Fighter is a cluster slot that offers gamers a chance to win big bucks while enjoying some classic 2-D graphics and sound effects from the video game series. You’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. This game features all of your favorite characters from the original video game, as well as some bonus rounds that are based on famous levels and bosses from the games. 

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot is played on a 5 x 5 grid, and you can get a win by creating clusters of matching symbols. The game has been created as an homage to the original video game and has a similar graphic and feel but with brand new features. There is a fight feature where you get to choose a character and battle a randomly selected opponent. There is also a free spins game with multipliers on four different levels. You advance to the next level by defeating your opponent. As if this wasn’t enough, there’s also a bonus game where you get to smash a car, just like in the arcade game. So, whether you’re a fan of the Street Fighter games or just looking for a new and exciting online casino game to play, be sure to check out Street Fighter Slot at your favorite online casino. 

Tetris Extreme

One of the unique online slot games out there is based on everyone’s favorite video game, Tetris. In the early 1980s, a Russian game designer named Alexey Pajitnov created a puzzle game that would go on to become one of the most popular video games of all time. The game was called Tetris, and it quickly became a sensation due to its challenging and addictive gameplay. Ever since the release of Tetris on the Game Boy in 1989, the classic puzzle game has captivated gamers all around the world. Now, over 30 years later, this iconic game has been adapted into a slot machine game that is just as thrilling and exciting as the original. This game is really easy to pick up and play, and it is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Just like the original game, the slot has blocks that fall onto the playfield. Each time a line is cleared, a win multiplier meter is filled up, which can multiply potential wins up to 50x. Wins are formed by clusters of matching symbols. With its dazzling graphics and exciting gameplay, the Tetris slot is sure to become one of your favorite online casino games. 

There’s something about Multiversus characters you should know

girl in white shirt standing beside girl in yellow dress

It’s about our favorite game! And about one thorny question that may leave you sleepless. Who is the Multiversus best character? Let’s talk about it in more detail! Sit back and make some tea.

But before that, it’s worth clarifying something – the information quickly loses its relevance! And the information provided in this guide is relevant at the time of patch 1.01. With the release of updated balance patches and the addition of characters, everything can change. Follow the news!

How Mobalytics can help you

In the given link at the beginning of the article you can find a full Tier List as well as something else. Mobalytics is a service which can help you to play better in your favorite games. It is a learning machine which collects visual data and turns it into statistics so you can better understand what you lack for the victory.

The best (and worst) hero in Multiversus

For your own convenience we’ll divide the characters into Tiers:

  1. Top Tier. Bugs Bunny is the character that is best in most situations. He has some of the strongest projectiles, fairly nice and versatile abilities, and feels comfortable in most situations and modes.
  2. High tier. Here we can find some nice and almost strongest characters – Velma, Tom and Jerry, Batman, Steven Universe. Since the meta is now all about projectiles, these characters can be considered the strongest for the time being. This of course can change in the future, but as for now you can have a lot of fun playing for these characters.
  3. Lower High Tier. Characters in this Tier are quite strong and in proper hands can go to upper tier. But you won’t get many problems playing for these characters. They are all well-known from different movies and cartoons: The Iron Giant, Morty, Reindog, Wonder Woman, Shaggy, Jake the Dog, Finn the Human (yes, they had to be next to each other!), Arya Stark, Harley Quinn, Superman.
  4. Mid tier. This includes a couple of characters – Lebron and Garnet. They cannot be described as weak or useless. However, in order to achieve the same results as the characters in the tier above, they (and, accordingly, you) need to give all the best.
  5. Low tier. Taz lives here alone, deprived of destiny, and highly nerfed. After the last nerf, he became extremely unplayable so even experienced players are unable to show anything good when playing this character. Wait for some buffs and avoid Taz until the next updates.

It is also worth clarifying that this list is approximate. Even though the meta now revolves around projectiles, it all depends on how much you know your character, his strengths and weaknesses, and how you can implement them.

One last important thing about Multiversus

Games are made for fun! Right? Therefore, perhaps it is not worthwhile to chase only the best and temporarily strongest characters? Therefore, it seems to us that it is better to just have fun! After all, the author of this article at one time was constantly chasing the best and the strongest We wish you best of luck, fun and many victories!

How to write a good essay: choosing a successful topic

silver iphone 6 on white paper

You can study at the top of your class without constantly sitting at your books, forgetting about everything else. There is always room to grow, there is always room for improvement. Studying diligently will make you happy and satisfied. If you get good grades, you’ll probably be able to get into a prestigious institution of higher education, and then you can get a good job. Isn’t that great? All you have to do is learn how to get good grades! In this article, we want to tell you how to write a successful essay.

If you want to write a good essay, you need to learn how to concentrate. Yes, sometimes literally everything gets in our way: there’s a construction site outside the window, grandma’s watching TV, little brothers yelling, noise. Nevertheless, learn to overcome it and concentrate.

Take advantage of other people’s knowledge. Not in the sense of “cheating,” no! Ask friends, adults, and teachers for advice and tips, and study how others have solved this or that problem. Broaden your horizons, learn to think and act in different ways, and learning will be much easier for you.

The success of your essay depends on your choice of topic. If you are lucky with the topic, success is guaranteed. Sometimes it’s worth getting assistance from a professional to help you write. Turn to the best paper writer to be sure of your essay grade. Specialized services experts are great at all kinds of writing assignments from reports to dissertations.

Sometimes choosing an essay topic turns into a separate problem, which does not give the student peace of mind. If you find yourself faced with a choice, use the tips below.


So that students do not suffer a lot with formulating a topic on their own, the instructor often hands the group a list of ready-made topics and offers to choose a topic from it independently. This option is good because you do not have to rack your brains over the name of the topic yourself. But do not miss the moment, otherwise, you will have to choose from what remains.

More difficult is the case with the definition within the given direction. For example, the teacher gave you the assignment to prepare an essay on education in Germany. This topic is quite extensive because you can write about the structure of education, about the most popular schools, about the history of education, about a particular stage or something else. If none of the possible topics within the given direction provokes your lively response, you can choose any topic on which you can easily find material (see below).

If you are free to choose any topic yourself, pay attention to the selection criteria described below.

Criteria for choosing an essay topic

Understanding of the topic. The topic you settle on should be completely understandable to you. If you can’t grasp the meaning of the florid wording, then the work itself may become an ordeal for you.

The abundance of material. Try to find materials on the Internet on the chosen topic. If there are enough of them, they will not only be a base for the main part of the work but will also be a help for you in formulating the goals, objectives, conclusions, and other elements of the essay.

Presence of interest in the topic. If you stop at a topic that does not arouse any enthusiasm in you, the work with the essay will turn into torture. You will feel resistance every time and force yourself to do an unpleasant job. Listen to yourself. What topic resonates with you? What would you like to read and reflect on? Working on a topic like that will energize you and make you feel good. If you find the topic too boring you can order an assignment on the best essay writing service where you will get indispensable help.

The importance of the topic. Sometimes you need to choose a topic that is meaningful to your further development. This applies primarily to the core subjects of your major. You can reduce your work to a simple retelling of several books that won’t teach you anything, or you can thoroughly study some interesting material and then include your essay in your thesis or future dissertation.

Topic Potential. We don’t study so much to know a lot (it’s no secret that knowledge fades from our heads over time) but to develop a variety of skills and abilities. Many people do not like to write essays precisely because they think, “Why do I need it? I won’t be able to apply this knowledge anywhere. This is especially true of additional courses in your major. But if you treat the essay as an opportunity to learn how to state your thoughts, analyze, structure, summarize, and present the material, it will not seem such a pointless undertaking. In this regard, assess the potential of this or that topic. Is there room for creativity in it? What can you learn from working on it?

What to do if you categorically do not like the topic given by the teacher? You may well ask him to allow you to take another topic, but be prepared to justify this step. Usually, professors approve of a student’s desire to write an essay on the direction of the future final project or term paper. Of course, you should not ask your world art culture teacher to allow you to write an essay on the theory of atomic nucleus structure. But if the topics can be crossed, you will considerably deepen your knowledge of your future thesis and will be able to use it during the defense.

Do your homework. This is a mandatory and important point. Sometimes teachers do not check your homework, but even then you should motivate yourself to do it. The deeper you dive into the subject, the better. Homework is meant to help you consolidate what you have learned. If there is nothing for homework, read your notes or textbook. And if there is too much homework, delegate some of it to the best writing services to make your life easier.

Grades for homework are just as influential as grades for class work.

Cosmos Cryptocurrency Price Prediction


Cosmos is a platform that strives to become the Internet of blockchains. The project developers have significant initiatives to integrate different blockchains into their interoperability platform. The Cosmos development team engineered an Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol that will enable the seamless exchange of data and tokens.

Cosmos is one of the most scalable, interoperable, and customizable platforms that integrates and connects other blockchains. It has all the potential to become the “Internet of blockchains.” The interoperability of the blockchain enables the seamless transfer of tokens and information between different networks.

ATOM is a token on the Cosmos platform; the price of the ATOM cryptocurrency is $16,15. For the latest cryptocurrency rates, visit reliable cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, Huobi, Kraken, WhiteBIT).

Forecasting the Cosmos Cryptocurrency Price

Analysts make Cosmos crypto price prediction: in 2024, the price will range from $26,93 to $39,51; in 2026, the rate will boost to $56,31. In 2027, we have all the chances to see the Cosmos crypto price at $78,70. The prediction for 2030 is the most optimistic – $298.10.

To check current cryptocurrency rates and buy Cosmos tokens, visit the WhiteBIT platform. This cryptocurrency exchange supports over 400 cryptocurrency pairs and enables buying digital assets directly with fiat money via bank card. The platform charges a low commission of 0,10%, regardless of the transaction amount. Registered users can access an expanded list of trading instruments and unlimited cash withdrawals.

The platform is suitable for beginners and experienced traders – you can customize its interface according to your needs.

What traders appreciate the most in WhiteBIT is its high level of security. Users set two-factor authentication to their accounts so no third parties can access them. Besides, WhiteBIT implements mechanisms for protecting users’ data and stores 96% of investments offline, leaving no chance for hackers to steal them.

WhiteBIT has an active community and regularly holds competitions, quizzes, and other exciting activities for its members.

Is Fortnite Available On now.gg?


No, Fortnite is not available on Now.gg at this time, according to PVPlive.net team research. We could be wrong. Please send details to our email: pvplive@freeemail.biz, if you know how to access and play Fortnite on Now.gg.

This article is for beginner and advanced gamers who want to experience “Fortnite.” “Fortnite” is a free-to-play Battle Royale game with numerous game modes for every type of gamer. Gamers can watch a concert, build an island, fight, and more. In this discussion, we will find out whether “Fortnite” is available on the popular gaming platform now.gg. 

All About now.gg

“Fortnite” is an online video game developed by Epic Games and launched in 2017. This game is available in three distinct game mode versions that otherwise share the same general gameplay and game engine. 

The first is Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale game wherein up to 100 players fight to be the last one standing. 

Then, you also have Fortnite: Save the World, a cooperative hybrid tower defense-shooter and survival game in which up to four players fight off zombie-like creatures and defend objects with fortifications and traps ready to be built. 

The third and last game mode version is Fortnite Creative, wherein players are given total freedom to create words and battle arenas.

Some gamers want to skip downloading or installing the game – since the waiting time and the procedures when downloading or installing a game take a while – luckily, there are ways to play their favorite games in this setup. One of the most popular and revolutionary ways to play games without the need to download or install them is through cloud gaming. Cloud gaming, though, requires a high-speed Internet connection for the best experience.

One of the most renowned cloud gaming platforms today is now.gg. This incredible platform enables gaming communities to play games on any device or OS, share games instantly on their social channels, and pay in-game via payment channels they already have. 

There are a lot of games you can play now.gg, whether they are under Action, Arcade, Adventure, Role-Playing, Strategy, Simulation, Puzzle, Casual, Educational, and Card games. Some of the games available on now.gg are “Super Sus,” “Blockman Go,” “Roblox,” “Game of Sultans,” “Clash of Kings,” “Crush: Interactive Stories,” “Fill the Fridge,” “Stone Tribe,” “Toca Kitchen 2,” and “Girls Legend,” among many others. 

If you are a frequent gamer on now.gg and often use this fantastic platform, and at the same time, an avid “Fortnite” gamer, will it be possible for you to play “Fortnite” on now.gg? Read on. 

Is Fortnite Available And Playable On now.gg?

Usually, to be able to play a particular game on now.gg, you will have to head over to Google to search, typing on the search tab, for instance, “now.gg among us.” Many games will show up in the results, leading you to the now.gg website where you can start playing the game via your browser. But, several games will not show up or are unavailable on the now.gg platform. Among these is “Fortnite.” “Fortnite” is a great game, so finding out they are not available (or not yet available, since our fingers are crossed, it may be available on now.gg at a later time) on now.gg is genuinely devastating.

For you to be able to play games on now.gg, you would need to follow the step we discussed in the previous paragraph, which is searching for the game and now.gg on Google to find a link to the page where you can start playing the game via your browser or look for the game from now. gg’s games list page. Click the link over there to see. 

Using either of those procedures, “Fortnite” is not available on now.gg. 

Several articles from Google search will tell you there is a search bar on the now.gg website where you can search for the games you want to play. However, when we go to the website and look for a search bar, there is none as of writing this piece. 

Some articles also say you can get started playing “Fortnite” on now.gg by clicking on the Experience now.gg button found on the top-right corner of now. gg’s website, but upon clicking this button, it only takes you to a sample game you can try playing (perhaps to give users an overview of how playing some games is possible on the platform).

now.gg offers many games available and playable on its platform. There are action, arcade, adventure, role-playing, strategy, simulation, puzzle, casual, educational, and card games.

If you want to play this game without having to download the game, such as what now.gg offers, you might need to look for other options and alternatives. 

And that is everything we know about the availability of “Fortnite” on the now.gg platform. We will update you if new information comes up regarding this. 

Low-price coins with potential


Over the last decade, cryptocurrencies have consolidated themselves as one of the major investments in the market. Due to their high volatility, digital currencies attract a very diverse audience. And the good news is that the market offers promising cryptocurrencies, some of them at a low price. Of course, there are no guarantees of profit in any investment. Therefore, it is necessary to know the segment well before investing in it.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most promising low-cost crypto coins with potential.

1. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Unlike its predecessors, the Tamadoge cryptocurrency meme is anticipated to push the boundaries of the gaming industry to deliver a game that people will enjoy in every manner conceivable. Tamadoge’s project promises the creation of Tamaverse, a universe where users can play games and earn money. This is an interesting feature that makes Tamadoge one of the promising cheap cryptocurrencies to buy.

2. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is an online gaming platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Using blockchain technology, its goal is to offer more transparency in the gaming sector. The Lucky Block (LBLOCK) digital currency is used on this platform.

LBLOCK can be purchased as a form of traditional investment because it has high volatility.

Another interesting feature of Lucky Block is that the platform has been investing in NFTs, a segment with a very promising future. This feature is another determining factor that will contribute to the success of the platform and the rise in the value of its currency.

Defi Coin

The idea of “decentralized finance,” or “DeFi,” is getting more popular. The DeFi ecosystem started up in 2015 to make financial services less centralized. The introduction of their native currency called the DeFi Coin (DEFC), and the platform’s low fees, make DEX DeFi Swap one of the more promising cheap cryptocurrencies to buy. It is indeed a valuable asset that every crypto investor should keep an eye on.

3. Avalanche (AVAX)

Since 2021, AVAX has been one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the market. This is a strong sign that the coin’s future is very bright. It grew by 2,787% just in the past year.

On the Avalanche network, AVAX is the digital currency that is used. This platform is seen as a competitor to Ethereum, as it focuses on smart contracts, DeFi, and the building of DApps. It is without a doubt that the future of AVAX looks promising, and it’s one of the best cheap cryptocurrencies to buy.

4. Solana (SOL)

Solana isn’t just one of the well-known cryptocurrencies on the market, but also one of the most promising for the future. Just like the Avalanche network, Solana is another competitor to Ethereum. It started to gain traction last year and has become very popular. In the past year, the coin’s value has gone up by an amazing 10,000%.

Solana’s network is one of the most promising for investors because it has low transaction fees, and it stands as a cheaper alternative to Ethereum.

5. Ripple (XRP)

Many analysts consider Ripple (XRP) to be the successor of Bitcoin because it was built by former Bitcoin engineers to enhance performance. The primary purpose of Ripple is to connect banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges, allowing for quicker and more profitable worldwide payments.

Ripple, like Bitcoin, is a secure system in which only the sender and recipient have access to the information and the decryption code.

In terms of adoption, XRP is one of the best cheap cryptocurrencies today to consider investing in.

6. Cardano

Cardano is a highly functional third-gen cryptocurrency that was launched in 2017. The currency promises to allow people to send and receive payments securely and anonymously. It is a blockchain protocol that has been getting a lot of attention lately. The crypto project has been attracting developers and entrepreneurs to its ecosystem, with the demand for decentralized application (DApp) builders continuing to grow across the world! Cardano is also working on a debit card so users can easily spend their coins. With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, Cardano is indeed one of the cheap cryptocurrencies to buy.

7. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

IBAT is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2022, due to the rapid rate at which the metaverse is growing. Interestingly, this is what the Battle Infinity platform uses as its official currency.

Battle Infinity platform focuses on fantasy battle games and sports that are mixed with the metaverse. The good news here is that IBAT is still on pre-sale, and the price is still very reasonable. Suresh Joshi, one of the co-founders of the platform, says that the currency is expected to increase by up to 100 times. If this turns out to be true, it will be a great deal for people who want to invest in one of the promising cheap coins on the market.

8. Sandbox

Sandbox is a virtual world in which its users can buy digital parcels of land, create experiences on them, interact with other people, and, in short, live in the virtual world as though we are in the real world.

Of all the cryptocurrencies of the metaverse that currently exist, Sandbox has obtained millions of dollars of investment and has attracted dozens of companies willing to collaborate in the project, some as well-known as Atari, Adidas, and Warner Music.

It is without a doubt that Sandbox is one of the cheap cryptocurrencies to buy.

9. Tron

A non-profit group started the blockchain-based, decentralized digital platform Tron in 2017. Before it moved to its own blockchain network, Tron was an ERC-20 token. This migration is important because it means that vulnerabilities in the Ethereum blockchain no longer affect it. Tron was also given a lot of room to grow by letting developers make smart contracts for it. This made the Tron blockchain work better and made more people want to buy tokens. The attention they get brings in more investors, which is great for the demand for Tron.

10. Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform launched in 2017. The platform allows users to create, experience, and monetize immersive content and applications. It is an ambitious project that aims to create a fully decentralized VR experience placed in the hands of users. The platform uses the Ethereum blockchain to allow users to buy, sell or exchange LAND, the virtual properties of the Decentraland world, using the MANA token.

The MANA coin is a top-tier cryptocurrency and supports the core features of the Decentraland platform. Since it came out, the token has been in high demand, but it took off in 2021 when more companies said they wanted to build a metaverse, including Facebook, which changed its name to Meta.

If the metaverse proves to be as popular as NFTs, this could become the best cryptocurrency token and penny game on the scene. MANA could be among those with the biggest upside potential among the very cheap cryptocurrencies!

Are cheap cryptocurrencies a good investment?

Everything will depend on the coin’s capitalization, adoption, and even community. You will have to evaluate these points, to understand not only where to safely buy cryptocurrencies but also which cheap cryptocurrencies will be worth it.


Investing in cheap cryptocurrencies requires a very detailed study, not only about their appreciation potential, capitalization, and coins in circulation but above all about their adoption and the team that is working on their development. These factors will be the ones that will determine whether the cheap cryptocurrencies you intend to invest in are the best ones or not.

Among Us On now.gg: Play This Social Deduction Game On The Cloud


now.gg is an exciting take when it comes to playing the games you love without the hassle. This cloud gaming service provides gamers from all across the globe instant access to their favorite Android games on any device, with the best performance and graphics they have ever experienced and seen before. 

There are no downloads or installations required on your device. And the best part about this is that you are not constrained by your device’s limitations, such as memory, processing power, and others, since the games are not running locally on your device. You can effectively gain the best gaming experience as long as you have a stable Internet connection. 

There are many games you can play on now.gg, and one of them is the ever-popular social deduction game, Among Us. This guide will look at how you can play this game via now.gg. We are just as excited as you are. 

Your Step-By-Step Guide On How You Can Play Among Us On now.gg

Playing Among Us on now.gg is never difficult. You have to follow the simple steps outlined below to get started enjoying this social deduction game via this outstanding cloud gaming service or platform. 

First, head to Google Search, and type in “Among Us now.gg” on the search box. This is the easier way how you can begin playing the game. 

Second, from the Google search results, click on the one that says now.gg and Among Us. On our end, the first search result says, “Play Among Us Online for Free on PC & Mobile” in its heading. 

Once you click that link, you will be directed to the web page where you can start playing Among Us on now.gg. 

This time, click on the “Play in browser” button on the page. 

The game will then load itself. After this, you will be shown the controls you can use to play the game. Be sure to remember these controls.

Once you click “Play in browser,” you will be directed to a new page, but in some instances, a pop-up box will request you to allow ads on now.gg if you are using an ad blocker. Click “Allow.”

You may also be requested to sign in using your Google account details.

Once everything is set, you will be directed to this page, where you can start playing Among Us.

Several options are provided for you regarding how you want to play Among Us via now.gg. These include “Local,” “Online,” and “Freeplay.”


Local is one of the game modes in Among Us, which you can select on the main menu. Similar to Online, games are created by hosts, consisting of a lobby before the start of the game, and allow other players to join. These games are usually hosted via an Internet connection, allowing any player on the host’s same Wi-Fi network to join.

After choosing Local as your game mode, you will be taken to this page. Tap “Create Game.”

Now, you can start playing Among Us using the Local game mode.


Meanwhile, you may also choose Online as your game mode. There are two main ways to play the Online multiplayer mode: hosting a game yourself or joining another host’s game. You can play only among your friend by selecting Private mode or match with random players when you select Public mode.

When you choose “Create Game” under Host, you must choose a map, the number of Impostors, and max players. Press “Confirm” to start playing this way.

On the other hand, when you click on “Find Game” under Public, you will select the map, number of Impostors, and language. Then, push the refresh icon. Then, you will select a room to join. Afterward, you only have to wait until the game starts.

When you choose to play under Private, you must enter a room code from the host. Once done, you will be in the waiting room, waiting for the game to start.


Aside from the Local and Online game modes, you can also play Among Us on now.gg with the Freeplay game mode.

Freeplay is currently the only single-player mode in the game. This game mode does not require an Internet connection to be played.

Once you click Freeplay, you will have to choose a map. The options are the Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus, and the Airship. Once you click on your preferred map, the game starts as you play on your selected map.

Aside from the game modes, you can also click on the How To Play button from the main menu to get instructions and the tutorial on how you can play Among Us.

However, going back to the Among Us now.gg homepage, there are some instances when the “Play in browser” button will not be available. In this case, proceed to the next option now.gg provides, which is downloading BlueStacks and playing on this platform instead. Click on the button that says “Download BlueStacks X.”

You do not need to worry about whether you are playing Among Us on now.gg makes any difference. Playing the game via this platform is not much different from the original. Similar to the original game, you can host a new game or join one that has already been hosted.

Enjoy the game.

Get Started Playing Among Us On now.gg

Join a group of four to 15 players in this thrilling multiplayer social experience where Crewmates should work together to repair the components on their ship. But there is one problem: there is an alien Imposter aboard the ship, and they are dressed up like one of the crew members. You must complete all tasks before the Impostor kills everybody on the boat. Or, find out who the Impostor is and convince everybody else to vote them off the ship. 

Sounds thrilling? You can play Among Us online for free using the now.gg mobile cloud. Reveal the Impostor before they kill everyone on your ship in this game by InnerSloth. Among Us is the award-winning social deduction game that has taken the world by storm. 

Get ready to have your friendships tested in this ultimate social party game. With now.gg, there are no complex processes to go through. Just jump straight into fixing ships or murdering Crewmates when you are randomly selected to play as the Imposter. 

With cutting-edge cloud technology, now.gg can stream the hottest Android titles to your browser, so you do not have to deal with long downloads and countless updates anymore. 

With now.gg, you can enjoy Android’s most demanding titles without losing cash on a new phone. Among Us is only one of the many games you can play online for free using now.gg, no downloads or updates required. Now is the time to transform your old phone or laptop into a cutting-edge Android gaming rig. now.gg is the ultimate platform for playing games online for free without the need to download.  

What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Samsung Contacts?


Are you a Samsung product user? If yes, you will relate to what we are about to tell you. You may find yourself as perplexed and curious as others when you see this blue dot that sometimes appears on the icon representing a person’s name in the text message app or on your Samsung contacts. 

In summary, this usually denotes that you can communicate with that person via your device’s chat message tool. And thanks to their cooperation with Google, it is also highly possible that their carrier has already adopted RCS Universal Profile

The blue dot will appear next to the contact of anybody on your phone’s contact list who also has RCS enabled. It happens regardless of the type of phone you own. 

But here are the details about what the blue dot really means on your Samsung contracts.

Things You Need To Know About The Blue Dot On Your Samsung Contacts

The blue dot appearing next to contacts tells you in the simplest terms possible that the person you are communicating with uses a phone compatible with RCS (which you have learned about earlier). If both of your phones use an RCS network infrastructure, the other person’s contact details will show a blue dot next to them if you are in contact with them. 

Samsung’s messaging app will look through your contact list to determine which contacts have devices compatible with RCS. Then, it will designate those contacts with a blue dot. Looks harmless, right? Let us find out more.

This indicates you are able to send and receive messages with that particular person while you are in chat mode. Additionally, it is possible to send and receive large image files while maintaining their original resolution. It is also possible for you to send uncompressed video files to contacts having that blue dot, and your maximum character count should be raised. 

If you are a Samsung phone user or a user of any Android device, and you see a blue dot next to a contact’s name, this indicates you can do more than just send and receive a text message using the conventional format for text messages. 

For example, if that other person also owns a Samsung phone, it is possible that profile sharing is enabled, and the dot is displaying online updates to both of you. This is the case if the dot is actually showing online updates. You can monitor when the other person reads your texts and types.

The following options below are available to you should it not yet be activated on your device.

  • First, visit the Messages page.
  • To continue, tap on the three dots that appear vertically in the top right corner.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Select either Chat settings or Chat features from the menu. 
  • Then, click the “Enable chat functionality” toggle button. 

If this functionality is enabled and turned on, you can send messages using your Wi-Fi connection and mobile data plan. Moreover, this will also be able to see when other people are typing, add people to group conversations, let others know you have read their messages, and exchange photos of high quality. 

However, access to chat services is restricted to particular mobile devices, service providers, and carriers, such as Google’s Jibe Mobile, Inc. 

I Want To Remove The Blue Dot From My Contacts On Samsung, Is This Possible?

Yes, it is. Using your Samsung device, you have the option to remove this blue dot located on the Contacts icon. 

To do this, launch the application you use for text messages. Then, select the menu that looks like three dots in the upper right corner. Then, choose Advanced messages and toggle the switch to the off position. You will be informed of the advantages and drawbacks of removing this function before it actually turns off. Once done, the blue dot that appears next to your contacts will vanish. 

Or, you can follow the steps outlined below. 

  • Go to the Messages page. 
  • Tap the three vertical dots in the screen’s upper right corner. 
  • Click Settings.
  • Choose Options under the Chat menu. 
  • To Disable Chat Features, Click Here.
  • Afterward, scroll further to the bottom and choose Default Message Type from the menu. 
  • Choose between text and multimedia options. 

Following that set of instructions, the blue dot should no longer appear since you can no longer access advanced messages. 

Why Are Some Text Messages Green And Some Blue On Samsung?

The green text messages are your standard text messages that may be sent or received without an Internet connection. 

On the other hand, messages shown in blue are chat messages. And in order for you to use this feature, you should be connected to the Internet. 


What Does It Mean When The Blue Dot Appears Next To A Text Message On iPhone?

Believe it or not, the blue dot is also rampant in iPhones. This may indicate that the text message has not been read or has been marked as important.

When viewed on Samsung smartphones, they take the form of blue and green bubbles. The blue text messages function in a manner analogous to that of Apple’s iMessage. 

When You Block Somebody, Does This Turn Your Messages Green?

Regardless of whether you are using an Android or Apple device, blocking somebody will not cause your messages to turn green. Both the person you have banned, and you will not receive any of their communications in your message log. The blocked person will also not receive any messages from you.

If you attempt to send a message, it will appear green like any other regular text, but it will actually not be sent.

When you are blocked by somebody else on an iPhone, any message you send to them will remain blue in color rather than turn green as it normally would. But, there will be no notice of “read” or “delivered” beneath the message.

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