League of Legends: How to Acquire Samira’s Emote

2020 has been a great year for League of Legends’ fans, with updates here and there such as a new champion stats feature as well as a rumored new champion, Seraphine. A few days ago, players of the game noticed Samira’s emote, which they initially thought was a Worlds emote.

However, renowned data miner Moobeat confirmed that the emote was, in fact, Samira’s. In order to earn this emote, you will need to do specific challenges in the game. This Rank S emote showcases the champion’s initial on a red rose.


Not everyone was able to receive the emote, though. As such, some players thought that this was only a glitch. However, upon further investigation by League of Legends’ investigative community, they were able to uncover the possible tasks you need to do in order to claim the emote.

There are different ways you can get it, so your options aren’t limited. However, one thing that you must do is join a Summoner’s Rift game. After doing so, Dot Esports states that you can do either of the following:

  • Killing an enemy while having less than 20 percent HP
  • Claiming First Blood or a Shutdown
  • Get a kill after landing every one of your spells

That being said, most players do the third method in order to get their hands on the sought-after emote. Now the question remains: will this unlock Samira as a champion? For previous champions such as Lillia and Seth, players had to go on missions in-game in order to win tokens which could be used to unlock the characters once released.

Basing on this, it’s quite possible that Riot Games will release Samira as a champion in the future. Although, these are all just speculations.

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