Leakers Share Genshin Impact Ganyu Skills

At this point, most people in the video game community have probably heard about or at least tried playing Genshin Impact. Created by the Chinese developer miHoYo, Genshin Impact is a free-to-play title that initially attracted many people for its similarities to Breath of the Wild.

After an incredibly successful global launch a few months ago, the MMORPG recently released its very first major patch with Update 1.1. Thanks to this update that many have been anticipating, players from all over the globe have been enjoying new content as well as playable characters.

However, some are looking forward to the future, as other new characters will be introduced as well. Tartaglia, Diona, and Ningguang were featured in Update 1.1’s special banner, but the icy Ganyu is expected to release in a later update as well.

Unsurprisingly, Reddit, as well as other websites such as the Chinese streaming platform known as Bilibili, have been sharing videos and screenshots taken from Genshin Impact’s closed beta test or CBT.

These leaks mostly feature Ganyu, the Adepti-Human hybrid. Fans speculate that Ganyu will be introduced into the game some time in mid-to-late December. Thanks to the recent leaks though, excited fans now have a better idea of the character’s skills and abilities.


Due to Ganyu’s similarities with Amber, fans are calling her the “Cryo Amber.” For those unfamiliar, Amber is one of the first playable characters you’ll get for free in Genshin Impact. While she also uses a bow and arrow like Ganyu, she’s a Pyro Vision character instead. In other words, she has the fire element while Ganyu has the opposite — ice.

As a Pyro archer, Amber has explosive skills and abilities along with a “rain from above” Elemental Burst. An Elemental Burst is Genshin Impact’s version of an “ultimate” ability. On the other hand, Ganyu’s Elemental Skill is currently called “Trail of the Qilin.”

When it’s used, Ganyu leaves behind an “Ice Lotus” as she dashes backward. This lotus will distract the enemies’ attention, causing them to attack it instead of Ganyu herself. Plus, its endurance is based on the character’s Max HP.

Once its duration has been reached or has been thoroughly destroyed by the attackers, the Ice Lotus will bloom, which will deal powerful area-of-effect Cryo damage. This kind of taunt is similar to Amber’s Baron Bunny, wherein Amber also throws out a distraction that will eventually deal AoE damage. Although in her case, her Baron Bunny deals explosive fire damage.


Ganyu’s Elemental Burst is called “Celestial Shower.” It’s a pretty interesting play on the character’s name which can be translated to “sweet rain.” According to the leaked skillset, Ganyu will create an “Ice Soul Gem,” and this gem will “rain down ice shards” on its enemies, causing Cryo damage.

While the skill’s description is somewhat similar to that of Geo mage Ningguang, Celestial Shower, in general, is pretty similar to Amber’s Elemental Burst when used.

That being said, there are some players that are disappointed by how Ganyu is too similar to Amber, who happens to be one of the least liked playable characters in Genshin Impact. Although, fans should keep in mind that the current information we have on Ganyu are only leaks from the game’s beta.

As such, miHoYo might still make some changes to her character as well as to her skills before officially releasing her.

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