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We here at PVP Live previously reported about the launch of Meta’s newest platform, Threads, and how it is proving a threat to its most formidable competitors like Twitter. Now, Threads has approached almost 100 million users, according to news reports. A reason to celebrate, right? But do you know another reason to feast? 

Various accounts of Apple are now also on Threads. 

Welcome to Threads, Apple!

Apple News was the very first to arrive from Apple at the Threads party. Then, Apple Music, Apple Books, Shazam, and Beats by Dre followed suit. Apple owns Shazam and Beats by Dre. 

More accounts from Apple will most likely join, too, in no time, news reports said. 

Threads is the newest social media platform offering from Meta, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus Quest, among many others. Threads looks a lot like Twitter. Actually, it is Instagram’s text-based app. However, Threads users can also post photos and videos, aside from just participating in conversations. 

Like on Twitter, users of this new platform can reply to, report, and quote posts from others. The app also blends Instagram’s existing aesthetics and navigation system, and allows users to share posts from Threads to their Instagram Stories. Moreover, verified Instagram accounts are automatically verified on Threads. 

Apple already has a massive presence on Instagram, evident from its accounts on the platform for Apple, Apple TV, and Apple Fitness+, to name a few.

Welcoming back Apple’s ‘greatest’ senior vice president for marketing

However, perhaps the most significant turning point for Apple is the participation of Phil Schiller on Threads. Many regard him as the “greatest” senior vice president of marketing throughout Apple’s history. 

It is a turning point since previously, Schiller chose to delete his Instagram account because of the taking down of filters in favor of accommodating Android devices, something that displeased him as an iPhone user. Joining Threads requires an Instagram account. Welcome back, Phil!

Schiller has also deactivated his Twitter account while creating an account for Mastodon, another competitor of Twitter. What could Elon Musk probably say about this?

Other latest Apple news: A foldable screen laptop in the works

Meanwhile, in other latest news about Apple, the company is reportedly now working on a breakthrough foldable screen laptop. According to various news outlets, Apple is now in talks with suppliers to release a MacBook with a foldable screen. If this is true, this device will be able to compensate for the company’s sluggish display market. 

But Apple is not the first company to launch this kind of device. Thus far, ASUS has a laptop with a foldable screen in its catalog. 

Apple’s laptop with a foldable screen is reportedly unveiling this 2025 and launching to the market this 2026. 

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