On Thursday, LG unveiled the four new charger creations of the HiEV Charger. During the ceremony, LG stressed its intention to expand its charger solutions business in response to the growing EV industry.

Tesla is no longer the star in the EV business. Other huge auto companies are also now exploring the EV industry, and aspiring startups are entering the competition. Alongside this mania in EVs is the need for electric charging solutions that can power the vehicles. LG thinks it is the right path to pursue, so it announced four new charger models for EVs.

“The start of EV charger production marks a significant milestone for LG, propelling us on a journey to becoming a total EV charging solutions provider,” said Suh Heung-kyu, vice president and head of the Electric Vehicle Charging business division of LG Electronics Business Solutions Company. “We will focus on delivering convenient and fast EV charging solutions for EV owners and differentiated EV charging solutions offering diverse form factors and new services for our valued partners.”

The charger was manufactured by HiEV Charger, formerly AppleMango, which LG, GS Energy, and GS Neotek acquired last year. The new line of chargers comprises two 7kW models (wall-mounted and stand-type) and two fast-charging models (100kW and 200kW). In its press release, LG claims that the products offer “convenient installation” as they can be put anywhere, from homes to offices and commercial buildings.

The chargers are also armed with various qualities and features crucial for EV chargers, including water and dust resistance, electrical and thermal protection during the charging process, connector lock detection, and remote updates. Additionally, LG said the models are much more efficient in saving space due to their slim depth and the addition of two connectors for simultaneous charging of vehicles.

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