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Getting a cat can make you feel filled with joy. Although you might be ready to meet your cute kitty, most cats are not immediately excited about moving day. Because of this, it is essential to determine the necessary items for a cat owner.

If you can prepare for the arrival of your new feline ahead of time, it may help ensure a smoother transition for you and your new friend. While most cats need different kitten items, providing your pet with a comforting environment is crucial.

List of 10 Essential Cat Owner Items

1. Cat Food

A veterinarian is always a good option to determine the exact food for your cat. You may also buy the same food in small amounts and consult an animal doctor. 

Once you find the best cat food, consider the following criteria:

  • Must be good in quality
  • Suitable for your cat’s age
  • Stock up on the product
  • Has to fit your cat’s daily requirements.  

2. Food Dish and Water Bowls

When buying a food dish and water bowl, choose those high-quality items. You need to provide your kitten with the exact size of a cat food dish and bowl. Cats love drinking fresh water and food daily, so you must provide what they need.

If you can buy different water bowls, you can place them in different areas of your home. Doing this allows your cat to drink water with great convenience. Providing different food stations is also a good idea for a multi-cat household.  

Just a reminder, do not place the dishes and bowls near the litter boxes.

3. Cat Bed

Most felines love sleeping anywhere, but providing your lovely kitten with a comfortable cat bed is necessary. Consider a budget-friendly choice when you find the best shop for cat supplies. It needs to become a favorite napping place when your pet falls asleep. 

If you want the best bed for your kitten, consider these factors below:

  • Comfort
  • Exact size 
  • With a relaxing inner pillow 
  • With washable cover

It is essential to place the bed in a suitable location to make your cat safe.

4. Cat Toys

Buying different feline toys allows your pet to enjoy playing with a variety of appropriate toys every day. If you have spare time, play with your cat and have fun. When you play, it develops the following characteristics:

  • Natural hunting behavior 
  • Proper stalking behavior 
  • Strong physical and mental stimulation

Toys with different shapes and textures can defeat cat boredom. You can also buy interactive toys like feather wands or fishing poles during playtime. Do not choose those items that can harm or irritate your pet easily. 

5. Litter Box

When visiting a pet shop for cats, you will discover various styles and brands of litter boxes. It is easy to find a hood-designed litter box with a tall cover that provides good privacy. It would help if you chose an option that makes your kitten comfortable and not tossed over the box. 

You can also find a plastic-made litter box with a simpler design. The box is easier to clean and does not need some maintenance. As a cat owner, you need the exact litter box that suits your home perfectly. 

6. Cat Comb

Most felines love their owners, who always brush them. These cute animals often have a specific cat comb preference, and you can discover several brands. Choose a suitable metal comb if your pet has long hair or a coat.

Having an acceptable brush and gloves as your grooming tool would be best. It is essential to groom your cat slowly and properly with many breaks.    

7. Cat Collar with an ID Tag

As a responsible cat owner, a collar with an ID tag is another necessary item to consider. Make sure your pet should wear it all the time and must include your:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Contact number 

When you choose, the collar must have an automatic release to disengage your feline easily. It needs to fit properly and does not affect the normal breathing of your lovely kitten. As a rule, you should be able to fit two fingers between the neck and collar.

8. Cat Water Fountain 

Besides water bowls, a water fountain for cats is helpful to convince your cat to drink more water. If you search online, it is easy to find great options made with quality materials. The best shops for cat supplies offer a wide range of designs, colors, and sizes. 

When buying one, get a water fountain that can hold at least 100 ounces. With this choice, you only need to refile the fountain 1-2 times a week. You can clean it immediately using non-toxic or safe dishwashing at home. 

9. Cat Toothbrush

Brushing the teeth of your kitten is crucial to prevent dental disease. Most cats suffer from this disease, and a quality toothbrush is the best solution. In choosing the most suitable brand, your veterinarian can help you better. 

As an animal doctor, it is easier for this professional to determine the exact type of toothbrush. You can also get ideas from cat owners who started brushing their pets at a young age. When brushing, you need to clean the outer surfaces of the teeth.

After completing the process, give your lovely kitten a special treat as a reward. 

10. Calming Diffuser 

Moving into a new home with different people is stressful for most cats. They need to cope with the period of adjustment to become comfortable. If you want to help your feline adjust to the environment, buy a calming diffuser. 

This item releases odorless mist and mimics the calming pheromones of cats. Because of this, the pheromones communicate with your pet and will feel the area is secure. 

The sense of calmness helps prevent stress-related problems like:

  • Destructive scratches 
  • Urine marks
  • Decrease in appetite 
  • Excessive vocalization  

These issues are all signs of a stressful feline and need the best soothing.     


Besides security and comfort, you also need to provide your cat with these necessary items to keep them healthy. These are basic yet very tangible needs to prove how much you care for your pet. If you own different cats, it is best to talk to your veterinarian to give them individual attention.  


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