Some attentive Instagram users may have noticed that their Stories are viewed by bloggers and various famous personalities.

More and more often you can see screenshots in publications, where profiles of popular people are visible in the list of those who have viewed “stories”.  And in general, many have noticed an increase in views of stories from unfamiliar profiles.

All these facts have a simple explanation: masslooking – a new way to promote an Instagram account – is actively gaining popularity.

Masslooking is the automatic viewing of Instagram users’ Stories using certain software or services.  The logic of masslooking is similar to the logic of automated likes and subscriptions, but is focused on multiple views of “stories”.

So, the majority of Instagram users pay attention to the “stories”, not the feed.  And there are two objective reasons for this:

  1. Saving time.  Scrolling through 15-90 seconds of Stories is faster, and interesting profiles are displayed first.
  1. Interest.  Retouched and too beautiful pictures in the feed are already boring, so “live” Stories are in the TOP.

Why masslooking is effective

In the summer of 2016, a new post format became available to Instagram users – Instagram Stories.  And we are now interested in the fact that this format was gaining popularity extremely quickly and, as a result, began to be used more often than classic publications in the feed.  “Stories” disappear one day after publication.  Due to this, you can not focus on retouching and careful processing of photos.  This is content with a limited lifespan, and fleetingness is the main thing.

However, users are still interested in the social component: many quite rightly want to know how many people are watching their “stories”, as well as who exactly is viewing them.  As a result, most users regularly check statistics by scrolling through the list of their “viewers”.  And if a user sees a new account in this list (especially if the account is not explicitly registered as a commercial one), then it is quite natural for him to have an interest and desire to look into this profile.  Of course, not every user will pay attention to this and go to check something.

But masslooking allows you to view tens of thousands of Stories every day, so 1% of users who have switched to an account will already be more than enough.  That is why SMM specialists immediately saw the prospect in this method of promotion, and promotion services began to offer the option of masslooking to everyone.  One of the market leaders – – has already tested such a tool on its platform and presented it to the general public.  New tools for promotion on Instagram regularly appear in this service.

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