Next Pokemon Go Incense Day Will Feature Shiny Metagross

Due to the concentrated presence of both Psychic- and Steel-type Pokémon during the event period, players will have a chance to obtain a Shiny Metagross that knows Meteor Mash during the next Pokémon GO Incense Day.

Incense Day activities in Pokémon GO give trainers improved chances at specific Pokémon species and give players a short window to concentrate on gameplay and collecting monsters that can help their teams.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of Pokémon GO, and crossovers with other Pokémon properties could help the already massively successful smartphone game grow even further.


Professor Willow from Pokémon GO will enter the ranks of the Pokémon TCG’s trainer cards thanks to a partnership between the two games. Niantic is also collaborating with Microsoft on a virtual reality version of Pokémon GO for HoloLens, with the aim of providing a more immersive experience for gamers.

Niantic has revealed the next Incense Day on the official Pokémon GO website, as part of the game’s weekly in-game updates. The game will take place on Sunday, March 14, 2021, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, which will allow players the opportunity to capture and evolve a Shiny Metagross.

The event promises that evolving a Shiny Beldum will also result in a Metagross that knows Meteor Mash, which was previously only available on Community Day. In addition, for the forthcoming Pokémon GO Incense Day, players will be able to buy a 1 PokéCoin pack that includes Incense in the in-game store, giving them more chances to join.

Other Psychic- and Steel-type Pokémon will be available to capture on the forthcoming Pokémon GO Incense Day, in addition to Shiny Beldum and the tantalizing possibility of a Shiny Metagross. As part of the festivities, players will be able to meet Munna, Girafarig, Meditite, Baltoy, Shieldon, Alolan Diglett, Magnemite, Aron, and Bronzor, with typings broken up into hour-long segments of appearances during Incense Day.

Pokémon GO Incense Day is an example of strong and quick mobile gaming events that don’t penalize certain demographics based on their level of investment in the game. Those who want these Pokémon types will have plenty of chances to get them during Incense Day, and those who don’t care won’t have to think about the event eating up two weeks of their time.

The allure of a powerful Shiny Metagross would be heavy for players as well, so the upcoming Pokémon GO Incense Day is likely to draw a large number of trainers looking to add to their set.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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