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As we all know, memes are a massive part of internet culture and have been for a very long time. But they also function as therapy for crypto traders whenever the market is struggling. Although countless memes have been appearing to try and comfort the hurting crypto enthusiasts, some of the most common ones include McDonald’s.

These memes always suggest that crypto investors will have no choice but to find a 9-5 job like McDonald’s if the market continues to crash. During the June crypto market crash, McDonald’s shared a job applications link encouraging “crypto bros” to start applying. Interestingly, this particular meme is now an NFT collection.

About seven months have passed since the meme circulated the web, and now the market is crashing again. This time around, BTC’s trading value is only half of its previous all-time high, while altcoins are experiencing losses in the double digits.

While crypto traders hope for the market’s fast recovery, someone decided to mint McDonald’s employee applications and turn them into an NFT collection, listing it on the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea. This event proves that about anything can be minted or tokenized these days.

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Entitled McDonald’s Job Application, the NFT collection comes with 1,111 application forms. The NFT creator even poked fun at the crypto bros in the collection’s description:


The Collection Already Has a Trading Volume of Nearly $40k

The creator stated that the first 1,000 application forms are free to mint, but the remaining 111 will cost 0.01 ETH. According to current trading prices, each NFT would cause $25. 460 McDonald’s Application NFTs have notably been minted already. What’s more, they now have a floor price of 0.019 ETH ($47) at OpenSea. Since the collection launched about 12 hours ago, its trading volume is already at 15.9 ETH ($40,000).

It’s worth noting that the McDonald’s Application NFT collection is only a joke or a meme, and the creator isn’t affiliated with the actual McDonald’s company. However, the global fast-food chain isn’t new to the world of NFTs either, as it released its first NFT last November 2021 in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the McRib’s.

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