Mediatonic Teases Fall Guys Season 3

Fall Guys may not be as popular on streaming platforms as it was when it was initially launched, but it is still popular within the video game community in general. As a matter of fact, the platformer battle royale still receives regular updates that further improve its gameplay.

Not only that, but Mediatonic still releases new cosmetics that crossover with other titles, such as the recent Godzilla crossover skin. The second season of Fall Guys brought a lot of fun and new content to the game, but it may not have reached the players’ expectations.

While Fall Guys Season 2 introduced new stages such as the new Knight Fever level, players still seemed more drawn to the original stages rather than the new additions. And even though it’s great that there’s a wide array of skins to choose from, cosmetics aren’t the main reason why fans started playing the game in the first place.


As such, there’s a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the upcoming Season 3 to get the ball rolling once more and to revitalize the fans’ love for Fall Guys. Fortunately, Mediatonic says that it has redirected its focus to work on that.

According to Mediatonic, the team working on Fall Guys has plans to make the third season much bigger than the second one, especially the levels. We don’t doubt their efforts though, since there’s been a bunch of new developers working on the game.

As of this moment, Mediatonic hasn’t revealed anything as to when Season 3 will go live, what the theme will be, or if there will be one to begin with. However, the quirky developers have shared a little sneak peek on the official Fall Guys Twitter account. (Emphasis on the “sneak peek.”)

As you can see, it’s kind of difficult to tell what’s going on or what the photo is supposed to show. Although, a few things stand out and that’s what we’re going to discuss here. Following the usual Fall Guys color scheme, we can see a lot of purples and pinks in the screenshot.

There’s some kind of circular thing hovering above what looks to be a pink cube. The Fall Guys devs once proudly said that fans can look forward to all kinds of new levels in the third season that will spice up their gameplay.

As such, we can imagine that by making use of wheels or vehicles in Season 3, Mediatonic will be able to do some creative new levels. That being said, it’s not a guarantee that the addition of new levels will bring back the hype or increase the fanbase of Fall Guys.

After all, Among Us has arguably replaced Fall Guys when it comes to streaming for many gamers on the internet. Besides, the Fall Guys community is no longer as active as it used to be.

Don’t get us wrong though, there are still tons of players who enjoy the game. After all, there’s plenty of reasons to love it — from its highly-amusing social media managers to its features such as the Big Yeetus.

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