Mega Gyarados Arriving To Pokemon Go On Lunar New Year Event

The Pokemon Go Lunar New Year event is arriving soon and developer Niantic has shed some light on some of its most exciting factors which include the debut of Mega Gyarados to the game. Pokemon Go Lunar New Year events are a long-running tradition in the game which features design elements by the given year – for example, the Pokemon Go Lunar New Year for 2021 is focused around the Year of the Ox.

Pokemon Go has continued to experience success throughout its long existence on mobile, but 2020 marked a shockingly new high for Niantic’s game despite a global coronavirus pandemic that significantly challenged not only free time and player attention but also the design essentials of the title itself, which considerably featured outdoor play.


Thanks to fast adaptations from the development team, Pokemon Go continued to prosper and offer its players an escape even without fleeing their homes, and the momentum produced from this success has carried over into this year so far, with content updates that have continued to keep players engaged.

A few hours ago, Pokemon Go Live revealed information on the Pokemon Go Lunar New Year event for 2021, and one of the most significant details unveiled is the debut of Mega Gyarados in the game. The Mega Evolution of the famous massive Pokemon is showing up in the game for the first time, following the classic version and its Red Gyarados counterpart already being added in the game. Mega Gyarados will also be appearing in Mega Raids from Tuesday, February 9 until Saturday, February 20.

The developers shared more information on the event in general, as well, as the Pokemon Go Lunar New Year event 2021 will run beginning February 9 until February 14. The event will include a new Timed Research event featuring Tauros, a bull Pokemon most closely related to the Year of the Ox from an aesthetic point of view, and a boost in red Pokemon emerging in the wild.

The events page also implies an improved encounter rate with Shiny Gyarados because of the shiny form of the Pokemon being red, so the Lunar New Year event is a great chance for players for numerous reasons.

As usual, Pokemon Go Mega Gyarados’ addition will continue to sustain an already remarkable roster that features the type of depth that the game was condemned for lacking in its early days. As the Pokemon Go Lunar New Year event starts and players get their opportunity to bolster their teams, it’s worth thinking about what the future holds for the game ahead of an unsure 2021 – continuing its sales pace from the past year is superior, but so too is introducing some new content that doesn’t feel as routine as events such as Lunar New Year additions.

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