Microgaming is a slot machine manufacturer. It was launched in 1994 and the headquarter is in the Isle of Man. The company proposes over 4 new slot machines per month and there are over 850 pcs by the moment. The first online casino with Microgaming soft was InterCasino. Its online slots were used in 1996. The manufacturer is on the list of the best gambling slots manufacturers. The most popular slot of the company is Mega Moolah.


The background color is orange. That is not the best variant, but the manufacturer solved to use it for some purposes. There are 3 rows and 5 columns. The interface is clear to understand and all buttons are below. So, you won’t spend a lot of time understanding what to do to start playing.

There are two versions of the game: demo and commercial. The odds to win are the same. You should choose the number of active pay lines and make the bet. At the bottom middle of the screen, you can see the results of every spin: how much money you could win or lose. So, you will know the balance.

The graphics are simple and clear for gamblers. Sure, it is worth the graphics of the modern online slots with the animated pictures of free slots no downloads. But the graphics of Mega Moolah was rather good by the time of its release.

Due to innovations, the online slot is still popular. You can find it almost at any online casino.

How to Play

It is easy to play the online slot from Microgaming company. Lion is the wild. It can change all the symbols on the reel. If you have the lion, you get a great advantage and it will let you earn some money. You should keep your mind on the symbol while playing the slot.

You need 3 monkey symbols to get free spins. We do not recommend you ignore the potential benefit from free spins in spite of the fact that your main goal is the jackpot. Most players are focused on the jackpot and they do not spend time on something else. If you also concentrate on getting free spins, you could play longer because your bankroll would be more. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you will win the jackpot. If you definitely know this, you could be a millionaire. And Mega Moolah would be the most popular online slot.

According to the rules, you can get up to 15 free spins in the slot. So, you will get a chance to win some money or even the main prize. The bet of free spins is equal to the bet you’ve done before to get it.

How to Get the Jackpot

The jackpot is huge in the Mega Moolah online slot. If you want to get it, you should follow some tips.

  1. You should bet maximal amounts or amounts near to maximal. While playing for minimal bets you will get a chance to get free spins. But the odds to get the jackpots are about 0 in this case.
  2. We recommend you try the demo version of the slot. There is no need to create an account at any casino to test the slot free and to get information about its weak points. So, you will know the rules and could find the best strategy to get the jackpot.
  3. This online slot is one of the best from Microgaming. It is easy to play and you will enjoy the gambling session. Just read the rules to know all the slot’s features and you will increase your odds to get the jackpot.


So, Mega Moolah is easy to play online no download slot from Microgaming. There are no bonus games and the graphics are poor in compliance with the modern slots. But many people like Mega Moolah because they can win a lot of money. There are different articles online about gamblers who became millionaires while playing the slot.

Mega Moolah is in the most European online casinos. The manufacturer does not let to change options that’s why the trustful game is guaranteed. So, the odds to win are high. Just try to focus on both: getting the jackpot and free spins. As a result, you will play for a long time and the chance to get the main prize will increase. Everything depends on the strategy and your bankroll.