Meta has expanded the reach of its paid verification program by making it available in the United Kingdom this week. Unfortunately, concerns about certain requirements about Meta Verified are still present, particularly about doxxing possibilities due to legitimate name and ID requirements. Nonetheless, Meta noted in its recent post that the program is still in the test phase.

Meta announced the program’s release in its Meta Creators Community UK group (via Matt Navarra), saying it was made possible by the “good results” it received from its early tests in Australia, New Zealand, and the US. Just like in these earlier locations, the program will offer UK-based customers account verification alongside other perks. This includes a verified badge with the same visuals as what legacy accounts have, proactive account monitoring, account issue support, and exclusive feature and tool access.

However, while the program’s objective is clear, some find specific sections of the offer troubling due to its requirements. As Meta noted during the subscription launch, users would have to verify their identity by submitting a government ID that should match their account display name, which can’t be changed. This caused concerns among individuals like sex workers and privacy advocates, saying it could put verified users at risk of doxxing.

Meta already addressed this issue by promising to work on ways to resolve the concerns. Meta’s admin for the Creators Community UK group also stressed the program’s current status in the post. “We’re continuing to listen closely to our community’s feedback as we test, learn and evolve Meta Verified.”

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