Get Metro: Last Light Redux On GOG For Free Until End Of The Year

For those who have been meaning to try out Metro: Last Light Redux, there’s a great ongoing offer that you don’t want to miss. Developed by 4A Games, the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter is currently available for free over at the GOG Store. If you’re interested in the other games in the Metro franchise, then you’ll be thrilled to know that a couple of other titles in the series are offered at discounted prices as well.

Having year-end sales is common for many digital and brick-and-mortar storefronts. Steam and Epic Games Store are offering their users with a myriad of video games at incredibly-reduced prices, and it appears that (otherwise known as Good Old Games) is doing the same thing.

There are a bunch of titles, from popular AAA ones to indie, that are offered at a massive discount, with some even shaving 90% off the original price. If that wasn’t enough, GOG is also offering one renowned game completely free of charge.


For the unfamiliar, Metro: Last Light Redux is a first-person title that utilizes the elements and mechanics of your typical survival horror game in order to convey intense feelings of hair-raising isolation.

It features what appears to be deserted cities that have been left to ruins, to disturbing confrontations with both monsters and humans alike. From that alone, it’s safe to say that the series is a must-play if you enjoy either survival horror, FPS games, or both.

Understandably, some may be hesitant to dive into a long-running franchise such as this, especially if they aren’t familiar with it. In that case, GOG’s free giveaway of Metro: Last Light Redux is perfect for those who aren’t sure that the series is something they’d enjoy.

From now until the end of 2020, Metro: Last Light Redux will be completely free for those who have a GOG account. GOG is a digital storefront similar to Epic Games Store and Steam where its users can purchase digital copies of video games. If you don’t have a GOG account just yet, then this free Metro offer just might be the perfect opportunity to try out the storefront in the most risk-free way possible.


GOG’s end-of-the-year sale offers one of the best opportunities to start getting into the Metro series, as the rest of the games in the franchise are currently available for less. For instance, Metro 2033 Redux has a discounted price of $3.99 at the moment, while it’s usually sold for around $20. The other Metro titles also have similar discounts like that, with some going even lower.

If you want access to GOG’s Metro: Last Light Redux giveaway, simply head on over to, which is the platform’s official website. You’ll be redirected to the storefront’s main page, where you will find a banner of the game along with a bright green button that says “Yes, and claim the game.”

If you click that button, you will be given the option to either sign up for a new account or log in if you already have an existing one. After successfully doing either one of those options, Metro: Last Light Redux can officially be claimed by you without having to spend a single cent. Remember that this offer will only last until the end of the year, so don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

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