Microsoft is taking extra steps to lure more people into using Bing. Recently, the software company sent its customers an email for a survey asking them what “could potentially encourage you to use Bing mobile app more often.”

It is undeniable that ChatGPT helped revitalized Bing, but this AI integration seems insufficient. And now that Google is releasing its own AI products, Bing is slowly losing the fame it gained months ago. With this, Microsoft is continuously rolling out new features to Bing. Recently, it even tried to involve Bing users in deciding on what to release in the future.

New Bing possible features
by u/Top_Engineer524 in bing

According to one Reddit user who shared a screenshot of an email, Microsoft sent a survey about different Bing-related questions. One that stands out is an item asking users about various features they would love to see on Bing soon. The choices include the addition of more AI tool recommendations, an AI community, AI chat characters with personalities, fewer limitations and restrictions, and performance and reliability enhancements. The survey also gives users the option to choose all items listed, according to the screenshot.

The list is all interesting, but many users who participated in the conversation on the Reddit thread expressed favor for the improved limitation policy of Microsoft over Bing.

“It appears that Bing has a tendency to assume that users are easily triggered or prone to panic attacks when searching for topics like true crime or even aspects of Asian culture from the past,” commented one user. “Whenever the chat bot encounters something even remotely disturbing, it immediately censors it, which undermines its usefulness for research purposes.”

“All of the above but if I had to choose one, it’d be less restrictions,” commented another.

Interestingly, as indicated in the survey, this specific question is meant for the mobile Bing app. This is not surprising, nonetheless, since Microsoft has always been vocal about its intention to have a better grip on the mobile market. Starting with Bing is probably a good start for Microsoft. Moreover, given that it is easier to access search engines using handhelds, it is not a surprise that Microsoft wants to focus more on improving the mobile version of Bing first. Unfortunately, catching up with Google Search won’t be easy for Bing. According to the latest data from StatCounter, Bing only has 2.77% of the worldwide search engine market share, which is not even half of Google’s 93.12% share. 

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