Microsoft Releases Walkthrough Video For Xbox Series X

With its launch date inching closer day by day, gamers are more excited than ever to lay their hands on Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, with the Xbox Series X/S releasing on November 10. Both new systems will be a huge leap from what fans are acquainted with, boasting of improved visuals, unmatchable speed, and several great new games.

In preparation for the upcoming launch of Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, the publisher has just posted a new walkthrough video that provides potential owners an in-depth look at the Xbox Series X’s most important features. Throughout the 15-minute video, Xbox showcases the new machine’s user interface, the exceptional speed of its heavily-praised SSD, and a few games running on the system.

Presented by Harrison Hoffman (Principal Program Manager) and Malik Prince (Xbox Community PM), the duo didn’t waste any time detailing everything that makes the Xbox Series X extremely special. Hoffman explains that simplicity and accessibility have been the crucial factors in terms of the machine’s user interface, with the developers planning to make the navigation between games a flawless experience.

In the meantime, the pair boots up Gears 5, utilizing the game to boast of its visual improvements which became achievable through the next-gen console. According to Hoffman, the game runs on ultra-settings which is available on the PC port of Gears 5, with Prince telling fans that the game will be able to run 120FPS in Versus multiplayer mode.

Hoffman then swaps to Dirt 5, taking the chance to once again show the console’s Quick Resume feature. The switch between games only takes seconds, with both presenters detailing who Quick Resume lets players leave their games suspended for a few days and still pick up where they left off.

Hoffman then puts on Subnautica, highlighting how backward compatibility games will still feature improvements when running on the Xbox Series X, revealing that even an old Xbox game such as Fusion Frenzy will have Auto HDR.

The next-gen console’s controller also received some airtime, with the duo stating that it has been made a little smaller and had other small enhancements to guarantee it offers the best gaming experience.

Another interesting thing featured in the show is the revamped Xbox app for iOS and Android, which will become an Xbox hub for all players. It lets them search games, capture gameplay, and even play some games through Remote Play. It will also give fans the chance to set up their wifi and enter other information as the system downloads its day one update.

Ultimately, Hoffman presents the 1TB Seagate storage expansion drive, which will mirror the Xbox Series X’s custom SSD and give the same incomparable experience when running games. It’s a rather small piece of hardware that perfectly fits into the back of the machine. Generally, it appears that the Xbox Series X is forming to be one of the most creative pieces of gaming hardware produced by Microsoft to date.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc is a frantic writer, blogger, and ghostwriter. He quit his office job as an Applications Engineer for the love of writing. When he’s not working, he’s either playing with his PS4 or his 1-year old daughter.

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