miHoYo Won’t Be Giving Genshin Impact’s Zhongli A Buff

Zhongli was recently released as a playable character in Genshin Impact, and while many were thrilled that they could finally play as the stoic 5-star character, others found an issue with his performance. In light of this, miHoYo has decided to address the fans’ concerns by stating that he won’t be receiving any buffs for now.

Even though a deluge of players has requested miHoYo to make some changes to Zhongli, it appears that the character will stay the same. In Genshin Impact’s official forums, the developer has given an explanation for their reasons why they stand firm in their decision.

Genshin Impact, the free-to-play open-world multiplayer by Chinese developer miHoYo, has seen tremendous success since its global launch a few months ago. As a matter of fact, the title was able to accumulate $400 million within two months on mobile platforms alone.

Those who have been playing Genshin Impact since the beginning are pretty much familiar with the game’s gacha and banner system. Every now and then, the game changes it’s event banners, introducing new characters that players can attempt to pull when making a Wish.


One of the characters in the recent event banner titled “Gentry of Hermitage” features the 5-star Zhongli, giving players higher pull rates for the said character.

However, those who were lucky enough to obtain Zhongli were disappointed to find that his attacks and abilities just didn’t deal as much damage as they should, especially given the fact that he’s supposed to be a 5-star character.

Genshin Impact may be a free-to-play game, but this doesn’t erase the reality that it also has microtransactions. In line with this, fans can acquire new playable characters by making a Wish, which requires them to either grind the game in order to accumulate enough resources or use real-world money. Either way, those who were able to pull Zhongli felt like their time and/or money went to waste on him.

That being said, developer miHoyo has addressed the situation by saying that it won’t be making any changes to Zhongli, much to the fans’ frustration. The developer acknowledged that it has indeed heard their requests and are currently analyzing the character, however, miHoYo has no plans of making adjustments at the moment.

MiHoYo does follow this statement by saying that it will keep on analyzing the character and how he’s being used by players.


In miHoYo’s response, the developer also mentioned that even though players mainly use the character for attacking enemies, this doesn’t erase the fact that Zhongli is supposedly a support character.

As such, this explains why his abilities are more focused on creating shields, as his purpose is to “protect other characters in the Party.” In addition to that, miHoYo gave a statistical overview of Zhongli from the game’s data, which shows that the character has been a useful member of players’ parties thus far.

As expected, many fans in the announcement’s comment section displayed disappointment. Some fans say that Zhongli underperforms so much that other 4-star characters are better than he is.

For now, we have to be patient with miHoYo as it further analyzes the character. Hopefully, the developer will do something about this issue so that players will continue enjoying the game.

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