Rhino Will Be First Boss For Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man Miles Morales continues to prove that it is the must-have launch title on the next-gen consoles this November. It’s not shocking then that Insomniac Games and Sony are frequently advertising the game.

The latest promotion comes in the form of a new teaser trailer which shows how Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ gameplay works from the beginning of the game. The teaser drops a significant spoiler, revealing the first boss of the game. It looks like a returning villain from the series – Rhino.

In the short teaser, which only runs under 90 seconds, fans are shown a sequence where a supposed helicopter prison transfer goes chaotic. The setup is that both Miles Morales and Peter Parker, in their spidey suits, are up to something.

Provided that Miles apologizes to Peter, it can be presumed that he made some kind of mistake that resulted in the helicopter convoy failing. It just so happens that the prison transfer convoy was transporting Rhino.

Rhino escapes from the holding cell that he was being held in and was able to break his cuffs too. It’s not too difficult to imagine the villain snapping his cuffs off as he pleases. After this, there is a big time-jump. Now, Miles and Rhino are seen in a different area surrounded by towering generators with Peter missing in action. After this cinematic, the rest of the teaser is all gameplay showcasing Miles fighting Rhino.

Miles has several unique powers compared to Peter and Spider-Man fans get to see all the action here. Miles is also seen delivering his venom shock ability to apply a Venom Punch to Rhino when he’s caught off guard.

Miles can also jump over the villain’s back and force him to crash into one of the power generators. The most noteworthy part of the sample gameplay is the comeback of Marvel’s Spider-Man’s quick-time events which provides battles a cinematic touch on top of the usual combat style.

marvels-spiderman-miles-morales-09-3744441In the trailer, it’s certain that Rhino, who is slow and bulky, has been used as a tutorial for the game’s boss fights. He’s utilized to show players how to punch, jump, perform combos, and even use finishers to end the sequence.

Aside from this, Rhino also is a much better fun threat than practicing basic grunt enemies. It is also worth expecting that the scene leading up to the first boss fight is a tutorial for Miles learning how to sling his web which might be how he caused the helicopter mishap.

However, the whole teaser raised a few exciting questions about the upcoming Spider-Man Miles Morales game. After all, if Miles is the hero of the story, how will Peter Parker fall out of the picture? He’s there at the beginning of the game but was missing in the boss fight. The only thing that’s certain is that there will be Spider-Man related shenanigans in the game.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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