Customization plays a big role in the entire Minecraft experience. Ask any Minecraft player. They will probably agree. The vanilla game is incredibly fun as it is, but the freedom players have to mess around with the world with little to no limits is what has many of them coming back.

We have covered some topics about Minecraft on this website. This guide will look at something much more straightforward – but no less fun – to pull off. That is Minecraft colors.  

What Are Minecraft Color Codes Or Formatting Codes?

Did you know that Minecraft players can be able to customize the format of particular textual elements with the use of Minecraft color codes and formatting codes? 

The former, for example, can be utilized to change the color of in-game texts. It can also be used to assign colors to various teams or change the color of dyed leather armor. 

These color codes can also be used to create colored signs or add color to server messages. 

The latter can be used to format in-game texts, such as making announcements bold or italic. 

How To Use Minecraft Color Codes

You should be able to change the color of Minecraft texts through the Section Sign (§) followed by a Hex Digit. This hex digit is the color code, and each digit is assigned a specific color. 

For instance, the code §0 results in color Black.

Code §6, on the other hand, results in the color Gold.

Keep in mind: Text formatting and text color formatting may be within the same vein of visual modification, but the game sees them as distinct or separate. 

In Minecraft’s Java Edition, a color code used after a formatting code disables the formatting code beyond the color code point. To help you visualize this using text, writing the codes in this order…  

Format Text font: Arial, color: green, size: 12pt, bold | Color Text: black

… would cancel out the text formatting after the color indicator. In other words, the text will not be bolded and sized 12.

So when using a color code with a formatting code, always type the color code first. To visualize, that would look something like: 

Color Text: green | Format Text font: Arial, size: 12pt, bold

You will never have to worry about this if you are playing the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, though. In Bedrock, formatting codes will still persist even if typed after a color code. 

Colored Text For Minecraft Signs

Do you want to create a sign with colored text in Minecraft? It is pretty straightforward. If you are running the Bedrock Edition, all you have to do is place a sign on the ground and type the “§” sign, followed by the corresponding color number you want. This is the color code. 

Never worry: the “§” will not show on the sign once you exit.   

Colored Text For Minecraft Server Messages

Aside from doing what has been discussed in the previous section, you can also change the color of your Minecraft Server’s Message of the Day or MOTD by inserting a color code before the message. It is as easy as changing the color in Minecraft. Only, the codes are different. 

Here is how to do this part. To change the color, access your Server Properties or Server Files as how you would normally access them.   

Before the message, insert the appropriate color code. 

Example: \u00A76 “Welcome Back to the Server”!

Save your changes, close your server, and then restart it. If correctly done, you should see the new MOTD in the right color, which, in our example, should be gold.

Here is your quick list of Minecraft Color Codes for the Minecraft Server’s MOTD.

\u00A70 – BLACK

\u00A71 – DARK BLUE

\u00A72 – DARK GREEN

\u00A73 – DARK AQUA

\u00A74 – DARK RED


\u00A76 – GOLD

\u00A77 – GRAY

\u00A78 – DARK GRAY

\u00A79 – INDIGO

\u00A7a – GREEN

\u00A7b – AQUA

\u00A7c – RED

\u00A7d – PINK

\u00A7e – YELLOW

\u00A7f – WHITE

Minecraft Formatting Codes You Must Know

Actually, there are fewer formatting codes than color codes in Minecraft, which makes them quite easy to remember. This article will go on to discuss color codes, but here are some Minecraft formatting codes that may be useful for you to know.  

  • §l = bold text
  • §m = strikethrough text
  • §o = italicize text
  • §n = underline text

Minecraft Color Codes

Here is a full list of codes:

Dark Blue §1\u00A710000AA
Dark Green§2\u00A7200AA00
Dark Aqua§3\u00A7300AAAA
Dark Red §4\u00A74AA0000
Dark Purple§5\u00A75AA00AA
Grey §7\u00A77AAAAAA
Dark Gray §8\u00A78555555
Blue §9\u00A795555FF
Green §a\u00A7a55FF55
Red §c\u00A7cFF5555
Light Purple §d\u00A7dFF55FF

Using Minecraft Color Codes

Remember, Minecraft will only recognize the color codes as such if our “§” symbol precedes the digit. It is an unusual symbol and, to be sure, not one that you can easily find on a standard keyboard. Here is how you can type it out. 

  • On your Windows US/UK English keyboard: Alt + NUMPAD2, NUMPAD1
  • On your Windows ANSI keyboard (or any other keyboard): Alt + NUMPAD0, NUMPAD1, NUMPAD6, NUMPAD7
  • On your Mac US English keyboard: ⌥ Option + 6 | ⌥ Option + 5 (for US Extended)
  • On your MAC keyboard (any other type of keyboard): ⌥ Option + 00a7
  • On your Linux with Compose Key activated: Compose, s, o

Should you wish to copy-paste the character, you can do this on Bedrock Edition with the use of the standard commands (ctrl + v for Windows and cmd + v for Mac). 

However, do take note that there are Minecraft text boxes that cannot be pasted into (such as chat windows, command blocks, world names, etc.). 

Reasons To Use Minecraft Color Codes

Minecraft color codes, or Minecraft colors, and formatting codes are just a few more ways Minecraft allows its gamers to customize the games. Changing text may not directly impact gameplay by imposing advantages (or disadvantages, even). Nevertheless, it can make people enjoy the game even more.  

As we have said at the start, customization and modification have always played a crucial role in the Minecraft experience. As a matter of fact, there is a pretty huge market for Minecraft mods (although we use that term loosely, as most Minecraft mods are free).

Wrapping Up

With you learning code codes, such as those in Minecraft, this is just another way for players to spice up their game. If taken in the context of coding for kids, it is even a viable introduction to hexadecimal codes and coloring for programming with HTML or CSS later on. 

Now, keep browsing our website to read more Minecraft articles and other gaming topics. 

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