Everything you need to know about the ‘Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter’ DLC

Minecraft Dungeons may have fallen out of the limelight quickly, but its developers are still committed to supporting their game with new content. Jungle Awakens, the game’s first DLC, was released last July which contained new missions and new armor, weapons, and artifacts that players need to discover.

Now, Mojang is preparing to release the Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC for next month. In a new trailer released for Creeping Winter, players got a glimpse of what awaits them inside the second DLC.

Mojang Studios recently released a new Minecraft Dungeons Diaries video where the developers spent more than five minutes detailing what their fans can look forward to in the future update.

Minecraft Dungeons free update

To start things, the video revealed a huge free update that will come alongside the Creeping Winter update. The free update will incorporate two new amazing features to the game through the Daily Trials as well as introduce new merchants.

The new merchants coming will be a Gift Wrapper and a Blacksmith. The Gift Wrapper gives players the ability to trade items to other players via the multiplayer option of Minecraft Dungeons. On the other hand, the Blacksmith will be a helpful NPC that upgrades players’ items.

In addition, the game’s merchants can now be leveled up. As a result, they will have more items available in their shops. For the Daily Trials, as the name suggests, players will receive daily challenge maps that promote the game’s new features.

Creeping Winter DLC details

After explaining the free update, the developers also talked about the details of the Creeping Winter DLC. They comprehensively explained a new winter biome that adds new gameplay mechanics like slippery floors and areas where a player can be frozen immediately. New enemies will also have ice-based attacks that can throw snowballs or fling mysterious ice crystals to players.

All of this and more will be coming to Minecraft Dungeons on September 8 as part of the second DLC’s release. Mojang Studios has yet to confirm the Creeping Winter’s price, though the first DLC cost $5.99 during its launch.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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