It is interesting to note that “Stardew Valley” is a game that hides several secrets within its depths and horizons. One such secret is the so-called Strange Capsule event. However, it is so rare that the gamer needs to spend countless hours playing “Stardew Valley” before they can access it. 

So, let’s make things easier for you. Here are every essential information you need to know about this Strange Capsule event, including how you can trigger it. 

What Is The Strange Capsule Event All About?

In “Stardew Valley,” the Strange Capsule is an infrequent and a mysterious event that shows up in the presence of aliens. It also has a meager chance of appearing on players’ farms. Furthermore, the event has a fleshy item inside, eventually breaking into an empty capsule. 

That’s the overview of the Strange Capsule event. Now, how do you actually trigger it? Read on. 

Here’s How To Get The Strange Capsule Event

The Strange Capsule event is unbelievably difficult to see since it only has a 0.8 percent chance of occurring. That precise. Below are the conditions that must be met for this event to trigger.

  • The player must pass the first in-game year.
  • They should also clear a randomly chosen tile on their farm. Moreover, it must also be viable to put an item on it. 

Once these conditions are satisfied, the event will commence. As soon as it does, you will receive a message that reads, “A strange sound was heard in the night…” Afterward, you will find a Strange Capsule on your farm, which you can pick up and place around. 

Interacting with the Strange Capsule gives you this message: “There’s something fleshy bobbing around in the fluid…” However, should you decide to leave the capsule outside, it will break after three days and turn into an empty capsule. It is empty. Chills. Did the entity inside escape?


Well, here’s the answer. After the capsule breaks, you have a one percent chance of coming across a dark creature around town. However, the creature will only appear at night at the Bus Stop, nearby the tree north of 1 Willow Lane, in the bush under 2 Willow Lane, and in the bushes after the beach that leads to The Beach. You cannot interact with the creature per se, but you can see it, so keep your eyes wide open. 

See what the dark creature looks like in the photo below.

Indeed, strange as its name sounds.

“Stardew Valley” is a farm life simulation game playable on Nintendo Switch, Android, macOS, PlayStation 4, and more.

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