Mojang Invites Fans to Vote for Minecraft’s New Mob

Minecraft will be having another major update soon, and apparently, Mojang plans on including a brand-new mob to the game. The studio took to Twitter, as you do, to invite fans to join their upcoming live stream where they need help deciding which one they’ll be adding.

The announcement posted today, which was written by Mojang’s Creative Writer Sofia Dankis, suggests that the new mob they’re planning to bring in for the new update will be from one of Minecraft’s satellite games.

As you may or may not know, the last mob that got voted into the game was the Phantom. This is the game’s very first aggressive flying mob and it can be a huge pain for those players whose characters lack in-game sleep.

This month’s Minecraft Live show will take place on the Minecraft website on October 3, 2020. However, Mojang will also be streaming it on their official social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube.

On the other hand, it’s probably best to go to the official Minecraft page if you wish to vote for one of the potential mobs. It’s highly probable that the studio already has the resources for all three mobs, though.

So, if your choice doesn’t win, it may have a chance to be added in future updates.


First up, we have the Moobloom. This is a new kind of cow in the Minecraft universe that’s similar to a Mooshroom. As a matter of fact, the Moobloom is the rarest kind of cow mob in Minecraft Earth.

It’s honestly a pretty adorable-looking cow, with its yellow and white-spotted body. It also has buttercups growing on its back, and when it walks, it leaves a trail of dandelions and sunflowers in its wake.

We don’t know yet what kind of resource players will get when they milk the Moobloom, so if it does get chosen as the winner, there’s a chance that it will either offer a new item or it will just be a decorative mob for animal lovers.

Next, we have the Iceologer. Otherwise known as an ‘ice pillager’ or ‘chillager,’ the Iceologer is not a friendly mob and it first appeared in Creeping Winter, the recently-released Minecraft Dungeons DLC.

The Iceologer usually appears in pairs, and they summon big blocks of ice which they then drop onto players’ heads. Here’s what you can expect to see if this mob gets chosen as the winner: you will encounter it at the icy peaks of tall mountains where it will ward off players.

Last but not least, the third option is the Glow Squid, which was included in the Minecraft Earth app last February. These creatures are modeled after bioluminescent deep-sea animals, as you can see in the way it glows.

That being said, you will probably be able to come across the Glow Squid in swamp biomes. This mob also drops ink sacs in Minecraft Earth, but since this one is the glowing kind, then it might also be a great source of Glowstone in the surface world.

There you have it: the three mobs that you can vote on this October. Don’t forget to check out the Minecraft Live show this week!

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