If you’re an enthusiast of both online gaming and crypto, there’s a brand-new coin in town that has merged both of these hobbies, and it has unsurprisingly taken the trading world by storm. Mononoke Inu is the name of the new coin in question, making a fine addition to the already-existing anime tokens within the Ethereum blockchain.

Mononoke Inu launched only a few months ago, but it quickly gained traction. According to the coin’s official website, it is a strong advocate of decentralized finance. In fact, the site claims that Mononoke Inu has a solid background in marketing, design, and development.

The up-and-rising company aims to leverage its users, ultimately getting rid of fake users, bots, and hackers. You might be wondering: how do they plan on achieving this? For starters, the company encourages users to verify themselves first and promote certain brands on their respective social media accounts. Mononoke Inu also rewards users who refer their friends and invite them to sign up.

At the moment, Mononoke Inu has over 30,000 holders along with an ATH of 580m. At this point, it’s clear that this brand-new coin is becoming a top-notch one. If you’re interested in Mononoke Inu, here’s what the crypto coin has to offer according to its official website:

  • 1% Redistribution – As a holder, you’ll automatically become rewarded. In this way, you can passively accumulate and earn more Mononoke Inu just by holding.
  • 5% Marketing – This ensures that you (and other people worldwide) get to hear about Mononoke Inu and its fantastic community.
  • 4% General Development – This includes everything related to project development.

At the moment, the Mononoke Inu team is working hard to develop non-fungible token (NFT) scratch cards, blockchain-based gamification, community giveaways, and more. The team of developers is currently working on Wolf’s Moon, the upcoming game’s early beta version. This is expected to release in the next couple of months, some time in November and December.

Now, it seems that the management team is making its project even more impactful by saying that Mononoke Inu won’t be partnering up with other coins. The emerging company will solely focus on its own project, although the team is considering a partnership with renowned Crypto influencers.

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