Release Window for Monster Hunter 6 May Have Been Leaked

Earlier this month, Capcom was involved in a dreadful cyberattack and the hackers were, unfortunately, successful in stealing company information like current and future video game plans, as well as the personal information of several employees.

Unsurprisingly, the stolen information regarding the company’s video game plans was leaked recently, which revealed that Capcom is potentially working on a new Monster Hunter title.

The aforementioned leak came in the form of a screenshot showing a Japanese spreadsheet. This spreadsheet in question contains a list of games that the company may or may not have plans for in the future.

Among the list of unannounced titles is a Monster Hunter game that’s allegedly going to come after Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise. At the moment, Capcom has labeled the upcoming game as Monster Hunter 6, along with a release window of 2023.

If there’s any truth to this leak, then it doesn’t come as a surprise that Capcom is developing a Monster Hunter 6 game. After all, it makes a lot of sense to create a sequel for a game as well-received and as popular as Monster Hunter World.


Not only that, Monster Hunter World offered all kinds of new and exciting content to its players, such as the introduction of new gameplay mechanics, DLCs, quest systems, and so much more. As a result, it’s considered to be one of the most popular Monster Hunter titles available in the market right now.

Given how successful the Monster Hunter franchise has become, it seems somewhat expected that Capcom would develop another title, but the company doesn’t appear to be ready to make any official announcements so only time will tell.

Once Capcom does announce the game though, it most likely won’t be called Monster Hunter 6. The number is probably a placeholder for now while the studio decides on its official name.

For instance, Monster Hunter 5 was later known as Monster Hunter World due to the fact that the game introduced new biomes and environments to the franchise. As a result, fans were given the opportunity to explore a whole new world.


That being said, Capcom doesn’t name its games all willy-nilly; there is a rhyme and a reason for its titles. Another great example is Monster Hunter Rise, which is named that way due to its new Wire Bug gameplay as well as the verticality of its levels.

In that case, it’s safe to assume that Monster Hunter 6 will be named with whatever new element or feature will be introduced in the game. As a whole, it’s best to take rumors and leaks like this with a grain of salt.

After all, nothing is concrete as long as no official announcements have been made since there’s still a chance that Capcom will change certain plans or aspects about the game. In fact, the developer may even decide to release it earlier or later than 2023.

At this point in time, not making any final assumptions is always the best way to go, especially if the only information available is from leaks and rumors.

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