Monster Hunter Rise Reveals Amiibo Outfits

Capcom has recently revealed what kind of gear Monster Hunter Rise players can get if they make use of Amiibo, which includes unique outfits for not only the hunter but for their Palamute and Palico companions as well.

If you’re not that familiar yet with the gameplay mechanics of the Monster Hunter franchise, your in-game character doesn’t level up or receive stat points unlike most RPG titles. Instead, your progress completely depends on the weapon and armor you’ve equipped. When it comes to passive abilities and buffs, these can only be obtained through various equipment sets.

As such, players of the older Monster Hunter games had to decide between making their character aesthetically pleasing or more powerful, especially since many of the powerful sets didn’t contain pretty or good-looking armor. Fortunately, Capcom changed things up in the later installments by allowing players to change how their armor looks, all while retaining its stats. This was known as the layer system.

While it may seem as if Nintendo is over the use of Amiibo, asides from occasional Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or The Legend of Zelda character, it appears that Capcom is still interested in incorporating these adorable figures into its games.

The official Japanese Twitter account of Monster Hunter Rise has recently revealed that Amiibo for the game will be released on March 26, the same day as the game’s launch date, and using it will allow players to unlock special gear. The game’s Twitter account also shared pictures of what these gear would look like.

If you get the Magnamalo Amiibo, which is Monster Hunter Rise’s flagship monster, you will be able to obtain layered armor for your character.

On the other hand, the Palamute Amiibo will earn you a Magnamalo outfit that your Palamute companion will be able to equip. If the outfit isn’t to your liking, purchasing Monster Hunter Rise’s Digital Deluxe version will reward you with an outfit that will make your Palamute look like a golden retriever.

Lastly, we have the Palico Amiibo. Similar to the Palamute one, the Palico Amiibo will help you unlock a Magnamalo outfit for your feline companion. More than anything, it makes your cat-like buddy look like a villain from Power Rangers, but it’s cute nonetheless.

Seeing as it’s not a new addition to the series like the Palamute, this particular companion was able to get a bunch of great outfits from the previous Monster Hunter games, including an Isabelle outfit, a Mario one, and a Mega Man one. It’s great that Capcom is still keeping this tradition of unique cat costumes going, so we’re hoping that more will be introduced to the game once it’s officially released.

That being said, it’s worth noting that these layered armor don’t have any bonus stats. In other words, it’s purely for aesthetic purposes and won’t boost your character or companions in any way.

Still, they make your hunter and your Palico or Palamute look very cool, so it may be worth getting if you have extra cash to splurge on an Amiibo.

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