Monster Hunter World Best Mods Revealed

Players have been navigating Monster Hunter: World’s stunning and intense ecosystem for more than three years, attempting to track down and hunt scores of various monsters. This is the kind of game designed to keep players coming back for more while they pursue tougher hunts, form teams with other players, and try to upgrade the best weapons available. However, most players are running out of content after all this time.

By far, the most effective way to keep a game like Monster Hunter: World looking new is to add a few different mods to it. Mods can do various things, such as adding additional mission material, making it easier for players to access items and weapons, and even fully overhaul the game’s graphical limitations. Many who think Monster Hunter: World to be a little stale would want to start modding as soon as possible. This guide will teach players where to find the best mods and how to mount them.


How to Install Monster Hunter World Mods

Even if a game maker does not explicitly accept modding, it is usually fairly easy. Monster Hunter: World is one of these games; it’s extremely simple to do, and the modding community has put in a lot of effort to make it work.

The first move for those interested in modding Monster Hunter: World is to visit the Nexus Mods website and create an account. Players will be able to navigate the platform fully and download any mod they want.

The first thing players would want to do after signing up with Nexus Mods is download a patch master. Monster Hunter: World happens to be one of the only titles that Nexus Mods’ multi-game mod manager, Vortex, supports.


Players will be able to browse the web and add a mod straight to their game’s files without any hassle. Furthermore, if a player encounters a problem, Vortex will automatically identify the mods causing the problem and instruct the player about how to fix the question. For beginners, this is unquestionably the best place to begin.

If players cannot get Vortex to work on their machine for any purpose, even if they want not to use it, modding is still an easy operation. Almost every mod will come with its own set of instructions outlining how to mount it.

Most of the time, players need to uninstall the mod files into the same folder where the game’s.exe software is located. This would either overwrite or add to the files in this folder, so backing up any game that the player wants to mod is always a smart idea.


When modding Monster Hunter: World, there are a few things to hold in mind. Although modding is straightforward, it is still very possible to make a mistake. Players that aren’t cautious risk corrupting their saved data or having to reinstall the game entirely.

Furthermore, since Monster Hunter: World includes multiplayer elements, players can avoid using mods when playing online. Even if the mods they use do not give them an unfair edge over other teams, they risk being disqualified by Capcom. It’s best to limit mods to a single-player title.

Best Mods for Monster Hunter World

All Items Available In The Shop

Collecting and crafting all of the powerful weapons abound in Monster Hunter: Universe is part of the game’s appeal. Many who have played it several times may have grown tired of trying to find their favorite tool and want it as soon as possible. This mod attaches any object in the game to the store, so all players have to buy the materials they need for crafting or the best tools for slaying tough monsters.


Monster Hunter World x Doom Eternal

This mod is ideal for Doom Eternal fans who can’t get enough of the game. By installing this mod, players will be able to hunt a brand new monster: the Marauder. Monster Hunter players will have to keep on their toes if they want to beat this enemy, who is notorious for being one of the most dangerous monsters in Doom Eternal. Players will still wear its armor and take its head as a prize if they destroy it.

Plugin Extender & Performance Booster

Though Monster Hunter: World is a great game, its PC output can be inconsistent at times. It turns out that the game’s files contain multiple lines of code that have not been streamlined and are potentially slowing it down. This mod eliminates these lines of code and allows for the proper use of more sophisticated plugins. The game will run much better than it ever has before with this mount.


1 Zenny Shop

This is another fascinating shop mod, except instead of adding new items, it simply reduces the price of all existing items to one Zenny each. This means that players can get their hands on the most valuable things in the game for next to nothing and start crafting all sorts of cool gear. Like armor, players can also sell certain objects at high prices, allowing them to buy many items.

Colorful Reshading

Although Monster Hunter: World is a beautifully crafted game, the more common criticisms are that the colors are washed out. By making all of the colors more vivid, this mod solves a couple of those issues.

Appearance Editor

This mod allows the player to change both their character and their calico at any time. This essentially allows players at any time access to the entire character builder in the game. It’s entertaining for those who are bored with their character but don’t want to restart the campaign.


Monster Hunter Stories

Downloading mods that totally revamp an outdated game is one of the easiest ways to have fun playing it. This mod completely overhauls Monster Hunter: World by allowing players to introduce monsters as pets to their squad. This latest pet is ideal for providing the player with a second teammate.

Unlimited Items

This one is as straightforward as it seems. Players would be able to render all of their consumables fully infinite by installing this mod. This covers everything from potions and ammo to coatings.


Light Pillar Drops

This modifies all of the game’s drops and adds a light pillar to them. Drops can be much easier to see from afar, so players don’t lose count of what they’ve lost on the pitch.

NPC Gathering Hub

This mod is almost a must for players since it attaches all of the game’s NPCs to the Gathering Hub, allowing players to craft and control their resources without leaving the hub.

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