More Pokemon-Inspired Nanoblock Sets Are Expected To Release This Year

The 25th anniversary of the highly beloved Pokemon franchise is almost upon us, and asides from a nostalgic video that celebrated the entirety of the franchise so far, it appears that fans can look forward to even more surprises for this year-long event.

Needless to say that a franchise as massive and as loved as this one deserves a big celebration—one that truly encapsulates its success and the joy it was able to bring to others throughout its 25 years. Even though the 25th anniversary doesn’t officially begin until February, the company has already been slowly rolling out the festivities.

While fans are undoubtedly itching to get their hands on New Pokemon Snap and learn any information about other upcoming titles in the long-running series, other companies with commemorative merchandise have also joined in on the celebration. For instance, it was previously announced that there will be a new set of Funko Pops for the 25th anniversary, as well as a high-quality figure of Pokemon Black and White’s N.

That being said, it seems that there’s even more where that came from, and even more Pokemon-themed products will be available to fans soon. The Pokemon Company and Kawada—the company who manufactures the miniscule blocks known as Nanoblocks—partnered together back in 2013 to release special Nanoblocks inspired by various Pokemon.

The Pokemon released during that time were only from the Kanto region, but the partnership has been going strong as ever, and a myriad of Pokemon from different regions and generations have been given Nanoblock versions since then.

Now, brand-new sets of Pokemon Nanoblocks have been listed on Rakuten, a Japanese online retail company, and are expected to release some time in April 2021.



Fans who enjoy collecting novelty merchandise should definitely check these new sets out. Pokemon Nanoblocks are great because they’re not as expensive as other figures, and they can be assembled by fans on their own. Two of the new sets will feature Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s new Legendary Pokemon known as Kubfu, which was recently introduced in the Isle of Armor DLC expansion.

The fan-favorite Garchomp is the second set out of the two new ones. According to Rakuten’s website, each one of these upcoming sets is priced at ¥1099. It also notes that the Kubfu set contains 160 pieces, while the Garchomp one has 210 pieces.

Among other things, Kawada will also be releasing a 6-figure mini-set featuring Grass-type Pokemon. Although it will consist of six mini-figures, the only Pokemon that have been revealed so far for this set are Bulbasaur and Venusaur. Consisting of only 65 pieces, this 6-figure set is priced at ¥3120.

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