Since “God of War Ragnarök” New Game Plus (NG+) mode was launched last April 2023, it has been taking the experiences of gamers to a whole new level. 

This mode has several new things and features, from new equipment to builds taken up several notches higher. In this list, PVP Live will present the best and most supreme builds you can try in “God of War Ragnarök” NG+ mode. 

Some Of The Best Builds You Can Try In ‘God Of War Ragnarök’ New Game+ Mode

Lunda’s Set

Lunda’s Set are potent pieces of equipment in this game. They are available early on, which is good, and their stats and perks make them a worthwhile and meaningful acquisition for the “God of War Ragnarök” gamer.

This is also obtainable as a build with the NG+ mode. It relies on using bare-fist attacks to inflict poison, reducing enemy levels by one, weakening them. You can hurdle over the game’s most harrowing moments with minimal effort. No wonder they’re the top-ranking build on this list.

Blessing Of The Nine Realms

Meanwhile, this build revolves around an Easter egg buff in the game, which you can acquire as soon as you land nine attacks in a row (as its name implies) without getting hit. But it would be best if you remembered that you must also have one of each of the realm enchantments in your enchantment slots, such as one Vanaheim or one Midgard enchantment. 

Its buff itself accelerates melee damage while making immolation, permafrost, or maelstrom active. Though these make the Blessing of the Nine Realms incredibly particular and window-heavy, this build also inflicts massive damage, provided you handle it right.

Berserker Set

Next is the Berseker Set. If you are a sucker for rewards, you will love this build. It creates a breathtaking risk-reward build that actually rewards more than punishes you.

For instance, it has the Berserker Chest Piece that gives you a massive damage buff after using a relic in exchange for taking more damage. Furthermore, the set bonus randomly diminishes relic cooldowns upon making hits with the weapon, taking damage, and parrying.

Black Bear Set

Another build unique to NG+ is the Black Bear Set. There’s a reason why it’s on this list. It is the clothing piece Kratos dons at the start of the game before he miraculously and unbelievably loses it in the first cut scene. 

But the Black Bear Set is more than just a fashion accessory. Try it so you’ll see why. 

Other must-try builds in “God of War Ragnarök” NG+ are:

  • Hunter’s Set
  • Hilt Of Skofnung Spam
  • Mani’s Wisdom
  • Time Warp

What Is ‘God Of War Ragnarök’ NG+ Mode And What Are In It?

For those of you enticed to try those builds but have not yet gotten their hands on the NG+ mode, here’s a guide for you.

Basically, the New Game+ mode is everything that it is named. It lets avid “God of War Ragnarök” players replay the game from the very start, but all the abilities and armor are unlocked. Exciting, right?

Some of the features this mode offers include:

  • The players’ equipment, weapons, and skills carry over from their previous save so that they can use their whole arsenal from the very beginning of your “God of War Ragnarök” journey.
  • New equipment, such as the Armor of the Black Bear, Spartan Armor, Ares Armor, and many others.
  • Thirteen of the game’s existing armors have been remixed with new color combinations and styles previously not available.
  • A new level threshold that makes Kratos and enemies more powerful.
  • New enchantments, such as Gilded Coins, Berserker Soul Drops, and Burdens, among many other features.
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