MSI wants to put an AI image generator on its laptops. Called “AI Artist,” the program will be able to generate images based on the descriptions of the users.

MSI recently had its MSIology: Luxury Gaming Experience event with Mercedes-AMG Motorsport. The new limited edition co-branded laptop “Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport” was unveiled at the event. However, the spotlight was easily stolen by a new creation shared by the computer brand: the AI Artist.

The program will employ generative AI, which is becoming increasingly common nowadays. It can generate images based on descriptions that will be entered into its text box, and it also has buttons specifically for choosing the style and size of the picture. For the former, two options are currently available: Realism and Mang.

The program is different from other AI image generators because it is meant specifically for MSI laptops. According to MSI, this won’t just make AI image generation faster and more convenient, but it will also prevent the risk of data leakage, which is one of the major concerns about different AI creations now. However, MSI still has to share more details about the program, which it plans to include in future MSI devices.

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