The Sims 4,” a game that simulates and emulates real-life, tries its best to be closer to everything that happens in a person’s life as much as in the game. However, there are instances when players are looking for more. They want things in this game to mimic real-life as it is. The answer: using mods. Here are the best realistic mods available for “The Sims 4.” 

1. Unlisted Phone Number

Smartphones are pretty hot these days. Almost everybody owns a phone. They use it to communicate with others and also to socialize via things like Facebook. What if you can do these things in “The Sims 4”? 

Without this mod, your Sim can call anybody who has a relationship with them, regardless of whether or not you have used the “Exchange Phone Numbers” interaction. 

But that’s not realistic. Enter this mod by scumbumbo that makes it possible for your Sim to only call and interact with other Sims to who they have chosen to give their phone number. 

2. Nintendo Game Replacements

Without using this mod, your Sim can play games on their gaming console or computer. But, the games are just “The Sims”-inspired, like “MySims Go!”

What if you can allow your Sim to play games that are in the real world, such as “Animal Crossing,” “Grand Theft Auto,” and “Resident Evil.” Well, you should be using this mod by hi-land. Game on!

3. Better Romance

In “The Sims,” things usually happen too fast, even relationships. But that’s not what happens in real-life, where relationships take time to grow and develop. simler90’s Better Romance mod bridges this gap. 

With this mod, certain romantic interactions with your Sim will only be possible after achieving certain points in the romantic relationships. Also, loyalty and interest will play a significant factor in accepting or rejecting romantic interactions. 

4. 50 Percent Lower Salaries

This mod by Satira isn’t sounding too sadistic, but with this mod, your Sim gets a lower salary, just like what happens in real-life!

Without this mod, what happens is that your Sim gets really paid well, and as they move up through the ranks of their careers, they also get all types of bonuses, rewards, and pay raises. While you can achieve great pay in real-life, many would complain that this does not happen all the time. 

5. Faster Eating And Drinking

Are you also among “The Sims 4” gamers who get annoyed that it takes so much time for your Sim to finish their meals? Well, this is mostly not the case in real-life, and you can finally end that agony with this mod by cyclelegs. This mod speeds up your Sim’s eating process, giving you more opportunities to do more things other than just eating. 

6. True Happiness

Without using a mod like this, it’s pretty easy to keep your Sim delightful and happy all the time, and while this is nice, it is not just… realistic.

So with this True Happiness mod by roBurky, it will be more challenging to attain the happiness of your Sim. Real-life is filled with trials and tribulations. In “The Sims” 4, with this mod, something special must happen for your Sim to be truly happy. 

7. More Best Friends

This mod by LittleMsSam changes how best friendships in “The Sims 4” work. In a game that does not use this mod, it is sad to say that your Sim can only be best friends with just one other Sim. It could be their spouse, a friend, or another relative. 

That’s great, but in real-life, you don’t just become best friends with only one person. Most people have many best friends, and this mod makes this possible. 

8. Talkative Trait

Wait a second, talkative as a trait is very common, right? Is “The Sims 4” missing on that? Apparently, it is. Without a mod, there isn’t any Talkative trait in the game. There’s the Outgoing trait, but this is not what you are looking for if you want to be, well, talkative. 

Now, this Talkative Trait mod by simlicioussarah allows your Sim to just talk and chat about anything to anybody willing to listen. If you love your Sim to love talking and chatting, this is the perfect mod for you.

9. Height Slider

“The Sims 4” brands itself as a game that lets you “Play With Life.” But it may be missing the point when they just made all the Sims in the game the same height! Ever noticed that? 

This mod by GODJUL1 makes it possible for you to make your Sim taller or shorter, depending on your preference, enabling things to have more sense than merely having every Sim with the exact same height. 

10. Ultrasound Scan

Pregnancy, as closer to real-life, is something that the game tries to achieve, but it seems it is only hitting the tip of the iceberg. In the game, your pregnant Sims can have others feel their stomachs, buzz about their due date, and even tell people the big news after the pregnancy test. But still, things are lacking without a mod, such as being unable to get an ultrasound and bring the print back home. 

This mod by LittleMsSam allows your Sim to visit the doctor for an ultrasound and even bring home the ultrasound scan of their bundle of joy. For more amazing “The Sims 4” pregnancy mods, head to this link.

11. The Sims 4 Go To School Mod Pack

The Get To Work expansion pack is an excellent addition to “The Sims 4.” But it only works for adult Sims. Mod creator Zerbu went further and got even more creative to explore the ins and outs of children’s education with this The Sims 4 Go To School Mod Pack. 

12. Child Prodigies Bundle

Using this Child Prodigies Bundle mod by JaneSimsten, Child and Teen Sims can transform into musical geniuses. You can play with them so they can develop aspirations to become talented musicians, practice music after their classes, and even join music competitions against other Sims their age.

Mod-less “The Sims 4” sounds boring, so change the game and play with life better with these realistic mods. 

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