Suppose you are a fan of “My Hero Academia” and, simultaneously, Marvel. In that case, you will love how the sixth season of the popular anime unleashes the Spider-Man out of Izuku Midoriya, and the viewers are crazy. 

Anime experts are noticing how “My Hero Academia” Season 6 has been changing Deku more than ever, following the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc and the recent episodes of the series. 

First, Deku has taken a lot on his shoulders, especially in the latest episodes, which they see as parallelisms to the favorite superhero in the world of Marvel. As All For One and Tomura Shigaraki continues to strengthen in power, Deku, meanwhile, has been growing as well with his uses of One For All. This means he has been dealing with more quirks than before, reminiscent of Spider-Man’s. 

For instance, Deku has been moving through Japan all on his own as a vigilante hero (or maybe Batman, but let’s move forward), and it seems that he is traveling around town very much like Spider-Man using his webs swinging across buildings, with his Blackwhip.

Yes, that’s right. What anime experts and fans see as the most significant commonality of Deku with Spider-Man is the Blackwhip superpower of the former. In fact, many fans are ecstatic about this.

What the Twitterverse says

Seeing Deku in action, just like Spider-Man, Twitter netizens cannot help but notice this commonality and express their feelings on social media. 

For Twitterati @Mikusbreastmilk, Deku is not only reminding them of Spider-Man, but also Black Panther, and they said the “My Hero Academia” character is the combined version of the two Marvel superheroes. 

Meanwhile, for Twitter netizen @Ultra_Mash, they said Deku is “really the Spider-Man of anime,” even sharing a clip that shows Deku in the scenes that remind them of him being Spider-Man.

“Another thing I absolutely adore is how they portray danger sense. I didn’t like how it was just kinda a static thing before but the way they do it here is honestly just about perfect… Also Deku swinging like spider-man is something I’ve been wanting for so long and holy,” another Twitter netizen, @SyncXmA tweeted, on the other hand.

Not the first time Deku was compared to Spider-Man

Apparently, this is not the first time “My Hero Academia’s” Deku was compared with Marvel’s Spider-Man. 

Last December, a modder with the username AngelModz posted a custom creation for the “Spider-Man Remastered” game on Reddit, showing the famous web-slinger if merged with Deku. The modder called their creation “Spider Deku” and plans to release more variants in the future. 

The official design shows Spider Deku in action. The costume is a superb hybrid between the two iconic characters, keeping Spider-Man’s iconic mask and chest design intact while taking costume elements from Deku. 

“It looks extremely cohesive, and honestly if one had never heard of ‘My Hero Academia’ or Deku, it could easily pass for another official variant of Spider-Man,” commented Daniel Morris of Game Rant. 

Clearly a good merging of Japanese manga and Western comics. 

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