MrBeast is not just one of those content creators you support who are just after getting views for their content, as he is also a dedicated philanthropist. 

He uses his platform to help others in need. He has already donated $30 million in free food and funded eye surgery for those with the disability. He has a charity called Beast Philanthropy that supports several causes, such as empowering an African village, operating food pantries, and funding an orphanage.  

One of his recent acts of kindness, building 100 wells to help some Africans access clean water, has earned praise from Stephen Smith, a renowned NBA analyst. 

‘Much respect to you’

A few days ago, Smith reposted the video of MrBeast, where he was shown helping build wells in Africa, on his X account, saying in the caption, “You’re [incredible] my man. Thank you for that! Much respect to you for what you’ve done!”

Smith’s post has already garnered almost 9,000 heart reactions as of press time. 

Smith, known fully as Stephen Anthony Smith, is a sports television personality, radio host, and journalist. He frequently appears as an NBA analyst for ESPN on SportsCenter, NBA Countdown, and ESPN’s NBA broadcasts.

Water for Africa

Around five months ago, MrBeast uploaded a video on his official YouTube channel showing how he spearheaded the construction of 100 wells in Africa to provide clean drinking water to some of the continent’s people. The video was titled “I Built 100 Wells In Africa.”

Furthermore, the YouTuber also pledged that the entire ad revenue from the video would be dedicated to bringing water to those in need. 

African water crisis

Africa is experiencing a water crisis, which the World Bank says is “the only region of the world where this is happening.”

It cited data from a joint progress report of the World Health Organization and UNICEF saying that around 387 million people lived without access to basic drinking water services in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2020, an increase from 350 million people in 2000. 

MrBeast’s building of 100 wells appears so small considering that number, but this little act of kindness will surely go a long way. 

MrBeast, whose real name is James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson,” is a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is known for his high-production videos that feature elaborate challenges and large giveaways. He currently has around 251 million subscribers on YouTube, earning him a spot on the list of the world’s biggest influencers. 

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