Neptunia Virtual Stars Is Heading To Steam And PS4 In 2021

Developed and published by Idea Factory, Neptunia Virtual Stars is confirmed to release on PC via Steam alongside the PlayStation 4 next year. Now’s your chance to enter Virtualand, where both virtual stars and goddesses fight side by side against the infamous group known as Anti.

As expected of a Neptunia game, elements relating to the digital or technological world are incorporated into the game’s story. In the case of Neptunia Virtual Stars, the villainous Anti wants to rid the world of a commodity called “content.” In their mission to do so, the group kidnaps VTubers and transforms them into V Cubes.

In light of this crisis, the Digital Goddess of planet Emote sent out a distress call to the other realms hoping that someone would answer their cries for help. Fortunately, Neptunia along with the other goddesses have decided to heed the Digital Goddess’ call. Planet Emote is on its way to extinction, and it’s up to them to save it.


That being said, the main cast of goddesses will also be joined by new characters, namely Mi and Yu, who are up and rising VTubers who are members of the group MEWTRAL. One notable thing about Neptunia Virtual Stars is the fact that a few real-world VTubers will be present in the game.

They accompany you on your journey and cheer you from the sidelines during battle. In addition, they offer special prizes if you get to meet their requirements. The niche Neptunia franchise is known for being dynamic — constantly changing things up when it comes to the formula of each games.

As such, Neptunia Virtual Stars isn’t any different. This time around, this 2021 installment by Idea Factory will have fast-paced hack and slash mechanics, so you need to think quick and act quick. You will also be given the option to shuffle through different perspectives, allowing you to see what the other goddesses and VTubers are seeing.

In other news, fans of the franchise will be thrilled to know that another Neptunia game is scheduled to be released next year asides from Neptunia Virtual Stars.


The second title set for a 2021 release is Neptunia ReVerse, which marks the very first PlayStation 5 game in this franchise and serves as an upgraded edition of the PlayStation Vita version.

Not only will there be an upgraded UI, among other visual changes, Neptunia ReVerse will also feature a new fishing minigame. This upcoming title will also allow you to have four party members instead of three.

While patiently waiting for the official release of these two games though, we recommend that you check out Hyperdimension Neptunia — it’s an anime that’s available to watch on Steam. Other than that, interested Nintendo Switch users can also try out the Megadimension Neptunia VII port.

While not everyone enjoys these kinds of games, it also can’t be denied that the Neptunia series has a decent number of fans. As a matter of fact, the franchise is popular enough for Idea Factory to consistently release an entry every year. In any case, Neptunia fans will definitely have a lot to look forward to next year.

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