Leon and Claire are back with Netflix’s Resident Evil Infinite Darkness 2021 Series

Known as the legendary standard for survival horror games with more than 100 million from the game franchise sold worldwide, Resident Evil will now be transformed into an original Netflix anime series.

The TV series is set for a global release in 2021 and will be exclusively streamed on Netflix. Three years after the 2017 CGI film Resident Evil Vendetta, technology has now evolved, making the fundamentals of the new show in remarkable full 3DCGI animation.

Since the first Resident Evil was first launched in 1996 for the Sony PlayStation 1, the franchise is now on the verge of its 25th anniversary. With the franchise constantly evolving even now, a new title will transform the franchise’s history – Resident Evil Infinite Darkness.

This new TV series will be supervised and produced by Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi who is also responsible for bringing various Resident Evil games into existence. TMS Entertainment, which has a reputable record for making different anime series, will produce the new Resident Evil TV series while the Kei Miyamoto-led studio Quebico will be responsible for the show’s full 3DCGI animation. Kei Miyamoto was also the mind behind Resident Evil Vendetta’s birth.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness will be a horror-action TV series based on the stories of the two most famous protagonists of the game – Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. By integrating suspense into the vigorous action scenes, the new TV series is expected to unveil a Resident Evil world unlike anything fans have seen before.

A teaser trailer as well as a teaser art has also been released along with the title announcement. In the teaser art, fans can see both Claire and Leon opposite to a backdrop of a blood-stained wall, seemingly waiting to take on a new threat after escaping death again and again.

Released simultaneously, the teaser trailer portrays heroic scenes as Claire invades an abandoned building surrounded by the dark of the night as she supposedly finds something while Leon saves someone in the darkness.

Fans can see tiny particles of dust and the pressure of the character’s expressions are heightened revealing the ultra-realistic high-quality animation that has been integrated with the new 3DCGI technology.

The Resident Evil franchise accurately recreates the fear of trying to find items and weapons in the middle of a hopeless zombie apocalypse in order to survive. The Resident Evil franchise gave rise to the new gaming genre called survival horror.

The Resident Evil franchise has given birth to more than 140 different games across consoles, mobile apps, and more to become one of Capcom’s most famous brands. With a huge following across the globe, over 100 million copies from the game franchise have been sold worldwide.

Heading to the franchise’s 25th anniversary next year, Capcom is set to release its newest installation to the main franchise with the upcoming game – Resident Evil Village. In case you missed it, the new game looks like it may also be launched on the current-gen consoles despite being revealed as a PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S title.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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