New Bithell Games Title Re-imagines Solitaire as a Spy Game


Not a lot of card games remain relevant until this very day like Solitaire has been, and it’s all thanks to Microsoft’s version for entertaining users on boring days or on days when the internet connection just didn’t seem to cooperate.

Now, however, indie studio Bithell Games has decided to shake things up a notch by using Solitaire as an inspiration for their new spy-themed title known as The Solitaire Conspiracy. Well, more specifically, the game’s Steam page states that it is “inspired by a variant of solitaire called Streets and Alleys.”

Studio head Mike Bithell announced the news over at Twitter, saying that the title will be the latest entry in its “Bithell Games Shorts” collection. This collection is made up of smaller, more experimental titles as opposed to the studio’s bigger projects like John Wick Hex and Volume.

Although other games in the Shorts collection like Subsurface Circular and Quarantine Circular were launched unannounced, Bithell says that given the current state of things, it’s better to hype up the game and build up at least a bit of interest around it before the studio launches it next month.

For a game that’s considered to be a part of their Shorts collection, The Solitaire Conspiracy sounds like an extensive game. Bithell describes it “Solitaire, but extra,” as they have reimagined the simple card game into a sci-fi thriller.

In this title, players have to rebuild Protego, the world’s leading spy agency, in the face of a global threat.

Not only will The Solitaire Conspiracy have a full-on story-driven campaign mode with cutscenes, it will also feature several modes, original character designs, as well as a beautiful soundtrack composed by Jon Everist.

You might know him from games such as Battletech and Shadowrun: Dragonfall, as he also did some work for those titles.


Among its many other features, you will also find extra powers and effects, along with time attack and skirmish modes that will allow you to keep on playing a game of solitaire without it getting stale.

We’re also glad to know that the upcoming game won’t have any microtransactions whatsoever. Since it’s a card game, it’s understandable that a lot of players might think that Bithell Games might charge for extra powerups or speed bonuses. However, the indie studio has thankfully clarified that this is not the case.

Throughout the years, many developers have tried their hand at creating games inspired by Solitaire. For instance, there’s Regency Solitaire by Grey Alien Games, which is best described as the love child of a Jane Eyre novel and Solitaire.

However, this entry by Bithell Games appears to be one of the more promising attempts. As for the title’s launch, Bithell says that he’ll continue to talk about The Solitaire Conspiracy as well as the people who helped make it over the next couple of weeks leading up to its release.

The Solitaire Conspiracy is scheduled to be released on October 6 on Steam, but you can also add it to your wishlist on the Epic Games Store.

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