Call of Duty Mobile Season One confirmed a few new contents arriving in the game in just a couple of days. These new guns will be introduced in New Order, but not all of them will be available at launch. Players will have to finish seasonal challenges in the game if they want to obtain these new weapons.

Call of Duty Mobile is restarting its season count, bringing new opportunities to its gaming community. While Call of Duty Mobile has been around for over a year, its fan base frequently sees new additions in game modes, maps, and weapons to play on the go. As a mobile shooting game, it does offer a slightly unique experience from the other main Call of Duty games.

The Call of Duty Mobile SKS weapon has been teased for a couple of days as the gaming community guessed on what it could be from a shadow. A few hours ago, the official Twitter account of Call of Duty Mobile has confirmed that the SKS is joining the Marksman Rifle lineup during the next season for players looking for precision-based shooting. The SKS is a powerful gun in both Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone, so players should find an identical potency in its damage output and semi-auto firing ability.

The second new gun arriving to Call of Duty Mobile is the FR .556. This is a strong burst-fire assault rifle that can easily unload a few shots into a target and kill them with a single pull of the trigger. While the FR .556 has had various names throughout the history of the Call of Duty franchise, the gun has held its reputation as the most powerful burst-fire weapon in most games. Players can expect good mobility mixed with controlled firing damage that is certain to down opponents.

While both guns have already appeared in past titles, Call of Duty Mobile fans have yet to experience them in the mobile game. The guns are certain to find a place higher in the existing meta, but it is still unknown if they will make it to the top or be doomed as a mid-tier option.

Hopefully, these guns don’t end up destroying the game’s current balance. New guns in the game can usually enter with unbalanced stats and for some time the community is compelled to deal with a broken gun.

Regardless, these new guns have been tried and tested in previous games which gives the gaming community hope for their successful introduction in Call of Duty Mobile.

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