New Destiny 2 Teaser Trailer Reveals The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen reveal event for Destiny 2 is almost around the corner, after multiple teasers, information releases, and even a few leaks. Bungie has offered a sneak peek at the popular online shooter’s next big update, which will include the primary antagonist Savathun.

While the Hive Queen hasn’t been the center of attention in recent seasons, she has stayed firmly in the background, with mythology and Destiny fan conjecture hinting that she is hidden in plain sight among the Tower’s inhabitants, prompting many to assume that a reckoning is on the way.

Bungie’s teasers and clues have persisted throughout the past several seasons, leading to various fan speculations about who Savathun may be imitating. In fact, the reveal event should offer fans a better look at the recently released Season of the Lost, which shows the Awakened Queen reappearing for the first time and presumably serves as a prequel to the events of the Witch Queen expansion.


With all of this anticipation, Bungie continues to tease the Destiny 2 community, this time with a brief teaser that seems to reveal what looks to be Savathun. The clip, which is only 16 seconds long, pans up to reveal what appears to be Savathun stepping into a shallow pool of water littered with bodies.

The distant views in the distance look to be from the Dreaming City, according to fans. Along with the foreboding soundtrack, a single voice line can be heard stating, “Truths are a strange thing,” implying a few plot twists and turns.

While the Hive Queen’s look has never been seen in the game, the model in this video appears to be based on the picture of Savathun that was released earlier this summer. Savathun is very tall, yet she wears a crown-like helmet on her head and wears heavy shoulder armor. The reported Ghost-type relic she’s carrying, which many fans have believed she’ll utilize to wield the light once her Worm is killed, isn’t shown in the brief video.

Fans have begun to piece together what Season 15 could include before the Witch Queen is revealed. After the revelation of the Season 15 modifications and a recent leak, many have come to the conclusion that the Scorn are finally receiving their own champions, despite the fact that the seasonal event appears to focus around Queen Mara Sov and the ongoing odd conduct of the Warlock Osiris.

On the other hand, The Dreaming City looks to be a big focus of forthcoming content, and gamers are hopeful that Uldren “Crow” Sov, the Queen’s erstwhile brother turned Guardian, will return to the limelight as well.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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