New Fortnite Update Adds Stark Industries to the Game

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Fortnite Season 4 has brought with it so many Marvel-themed changes, such as the Collector Museum POI that has been added recently. This time around, this brand-new update brought along the Stark Industries into the Fortnite universe.

In this update, Tony Stark is a new boss and he has situated his high-tech facility in the north-east corner of the map. By far, this newest addition to the game is the largest one yet since season 4 was launched a couple of weeks ago.



Asides from the addition of Stark Industries’ building, a bunch of new powers have been added to the game, as well. For one thing, Stark himself is able to use his Repulsor Gauntlets to attack his opponents. He can also use these gauntlets as a way to boost himself into the sky.

On the other hand, Thor has a new move called Mjolnir Strike, which uses his hammer to attack a targeted area. These new powers are most likely going to be pretty useful, especially since Fortnite’s upcoming updates will feature more of Galactus’ forces.

Lastly, Fortnite players will have access to a brand-new game mode. Marvel Knockout is the superhero-inspired version of the previous Limited-Time Mode Operation: Knockout. In this mode, you create five-person teams that are pitted against each other. Only the best team wins.

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