New Launch Title For The Xbox Series X Has Been Confirmed

During the Inside Xbox event last May, players got their first look at a new game called Bright Memory: Infinite – a significantly expanded edition of the critically acclaimed FPS game Bright Memory.

The Bright Memory: Infinite trailer was one of the most-talked about cinematic from the event and while Xbox fans will still wait until 2021 to play the game, chances are they will be getting the original edition as a launch title for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles.

FYQD, the developer behind Bright Memory, has announced that the original version of the game is aiming to become a launch title for the Xbox Series X. FYQD announced the news during the recently concluded Playism Game Show, where the developer also revealed that the forthcoming Bright Memory: Infinite is scheduled to be released as an Xbox Series X exclusive game in 2021.

For players who are unfamiliar with Bright Memory, the game is an FPS that incorporates elements from the hack and slash action games such as Devil May Cry. Players have several abilities they can use to pass through terrains and kill enemies. The game can be beaten in just a few hours, but while the gameplay is short, the game was well-received by gamers and critics during its early release in Steam last year.

Bright Memory is the latest game to be added to the Xbox Series X launch game lineup which is mostly composed of cross-gen third-party titles. Obviously, the two most popular games included in the Xbox Series X launch lineup are Watch Dogs Legion and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, although there are also a few first-party titles present as well.

For first-party games, fans can expect an upgraded edition of Forza Horizon 4, as well as the debut of Gears Tactics. It’s most likely that a few other games scheduled as a “holiday 2020” release will also be joining the lineup such as Bloober Team’s The Medium, but the developers will have to confirm this yet.

While there are a lot of games to look forward to joining the Xbox Series X launch games lineup, there is no denying that there is a lack of major first-party exclusives. Initially, Microsoft tried releasing Halo Infinite as a launch title for the Xbox Series X but due to unforeseen circumstances, the developers were forced to delay the highly-anticipated FPS game until next year.

While fans will still have to endure a long wait until Halo Infinite is released, there should be a variety of great third-party games releasing every now and then to fill its void especially now that Microsoft has acquired ZeniMax Media.


Zenimax Media is the parent company of the developer that is popular for its projects like Fall Out and The Elder Scrolls, Bethesda, for $7.5 billion cash. Joining Bethesda, Microsoft also acquired new developer studios as part of the huge deal as well including ZeniMax Online Studios, Tango Gameworks, Arkane, MachineGames, id Software, and more. This just means fans can expect more Xbox exclusive games from Microsoft now that they own a few new game developer studios.

Bright Memory is now available on the PC and is set to launch on the Xbox Series X on November 10, 2020.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc is a frantic writer, blogger, and ghostwriter. He quit his office job as an Applications Engineer for the love of writing. When he’s not working, he’s either playing with his PS4 or his 1-year old daughter.

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