New Mordhau Update Introduces New Weapon, Gameplay Changes, And More

There’s a new Mordhau update in town, and it’s got some cool new features to check out. The newest update for the medieval battler includes a brand new arm, additional mode support for two maps, and some gameplay changes to streamline your experience.

What’s New?

The Partisan is the first addition to Mordhau’s version 21. It’s a shorter spear that’s designed for stabbing at close range but can also be hurled. The Partisan spear comes in three different models, so you’re sure to find one you prefer. This one seems ideal for those who like using a wide range of tactical options in Mordhau. Triternion, the spear’s creator, also gave some observations. It’s here in all its glory:


Here’s a closer look at each of the three categories of tips:


But it’s not just about the latest Partisan arm. In addition, two of Mordhau’s maps will get additional game mode support. The Frontline gaming mode is now supported on the Castello map, and there are entirely new goals to match. The Horde gameplay mode now includes the Crossroads map, so be sure to try it out for a new take on old favorites.

New Gameplay Adjustments

This latest update also includes a number of gameplay updates. Triternion has reworked the default load-outs to make them more user-friendly for new players, as well as brand new localizations and Japanese language support.


New skins for gauntlets, gloves, and arms have been introduced, as well as gameplay tweaks such as fighting animation tweaks and firearm improvements. Of course, there isn’t something that sounds like a full rewrite of mechanics, but there are many smaller tweaks that can make a difference in day-to-day gameplay.

You will find the complete patch notes for Mordhau version 21 on the official Steam website. As well, there’s a fairly lengthy changelog to read, so make sure you put aside some time if you intend to read it all. If you want to engage in some old-school medieval battle, Mordhau is available now on Steam for $29.99.

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