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WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta’s pace of adding new features to the instant messaging app has dramatically increased over the previous year. WhatsApp is rolling out major enhancements to the platform almost monthly. 

For instance, at the end of 2022, WhatsApp launched an enhanced group calling experience. Then, over the last two months, the app gained support for proxy servers, and its status feature got significant revamp with voice notes and more.

The new things are continuing further.

Now, following the launch of WhatsApp Communities last November 2022, the messaging service is rolling out some new features to improve the group chatting experience further. 

First and foremost, WhatsApp is offering admins greater control over those who can join a group. The next time you share a group invite link, the admin can manually approve new participants who can join the group. They will also get the same option when they create a group inside a community accessible to everybody. 

Secondly, WhatsApp users can now see the common groups you share with another contact instead of trying to remember them. To see this happen, you just need to search for the name of the contact, and WhatsApp will show all your common groups in the search results. Yes, this may be an insignificant change, but if you belong to several groups with your colleagues at work, friends in school, and gym buddies, this change makes it super easy to find the right group. 

From its official announcement, WhatsApp stated the changes would start rolling out in the following weeks, so expect them not to appear immediately after installing the latest app update.

“As more people join communities, we want to give group admins more control over their group privacy, so we’ve built a simple tool that gives admins the ability to decide who is able to join a group,” the WhatsApp blog said. “When an admin chooses to share their group’s invite link, or make their group joinable in a community, they now have more control over who can join.”

Moreover, WhatsApp is beta testing many other new features, including blocking calls from unknown numbers, self-destructing group chats, support for Unicode 15.0 emoji, and so much more. Given how fast Meta and WhatsApp are rolling out new features recently, they should approach the stable channel sooner or later.

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