New Overview Trailer Released for Manor Lords

Everyone loves a good historical city builder, that’s why the announcement of Manor Lords back in July has got the complete attention of many gamers. Manor Lords is a medieval strategy game complete with cities that you have to build and battles you have to fight.

A new gameplay overview trailer was released for the game, which you can check out below:

The setting for Manor Lords is somewhat vague, as it’s not set in a particular century. Although, it’s safe to say that the game draws inspiration from the medieval era in general, specifically from the 11th century onwards.

However, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a specific time period, developer Slavic Games still wants the title to be grounded in reality. In fact, they say that the entire game is inspired by historical references.

That being said, the game won’t let you focus on just one settlement. You’ll be given entire regions to conquer and develop, as you make use of their resources, build new towns, as well as form armies to protect what you’ve so painstakingly built.

The battle scenes with enemy armies will take place in real-time, which definitely makes your gameplay experience exciting. When you do get into a tussle with an opposing force, you will need to look out for many things, such as the morale, weather, and fatigue.

You also have to think wisely about where you place your army, as even a small army will be able to decimate a larger one if you just command them well.


It will just be as tense outside of battle, too, as you have to watch out for disease, famine and other perils that could possibly harm your city.

As long as the terrain permits it, you are able to situate your buildings anywhere you choose in the map as building is free-form. However, the game makes use of snapping tools so that your city building and planning will be more convenient.

After you have your buildings, you can also go ahead and make paths and fields to shape your establishment.

As mentioned, building in Manor Lords is free-form and you won’t be restricted by a grid. However, it’s best to consider where your resources are located, and whether or not you’re near any trade routes so that your settlement can become as productive and efficient as possible.


Being set in medieval times means that diplomacy and conflict between lords is to be expected. You also get a trading system as well as development trees for each region. This gives you the ability to customize them based on either their resources or their role in your ever-growing region.

Based on what the game has to offer so far, we’re impressed. It’s a title that appears to be very large in scope and it doesn’t sacrifice any of the realistic details. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it’s the lovely work of just one single developer! That’s wild.

At the moment, Manor Lords doesn’t have an estimated release date. However, you can check it out on Steam, as it’s currently on Early Access.

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