New Resident Evil 8 Screenshots Released By Capcom

Capcom has unveiled a new set of screenshots for the upcoming Resident Evil 8, the next installment in the long-running horror franchise that’s set to release early next year, following an array of big leaks. It almost goes without saying that the new look at the new game comes on the heels of a difficult time for both the game and Capcom, but the publisher appears to be persistent to treat the massively scrutinized game like any other.

Just last month, a ransomware attack made by hackers rendered Capcom helpless to a myriad of leaks. Capcom’s networks took a big hit, with employee emails and other critical pieces of information obtained in the online theft.

In the weeks after the incident, a plethora of leaked data about Capcom’s upcoming games has appeared online, apparently because of the data breach. The latest set of leaks were released yesterday, revealing spoilers via descriptions and photos of Resident Evil 8’s ending, characters, and story. Whether or not the latest update from Capcom is an effort to dull the effects of yesterday’s leaks is any fans’ guess.


In partnership with IGN, Capcom has unleashed a fresh set of Resident Evil 8 screenshots, three in total. The first features a werewolf monster carrying a huge, bloodstained weapon, undoubtedly ready to attack the main character.

The second photo shows a creepy castle, complete with impressive dynamic lighting and a dreadful flock of crows. Lastly, the last image features another werewolf-like monster, though this one appears far more ominous and feral compared to the first screenshot.


Intriguingly, both of these monsters were previously seen in the game’s second trailer, which was released back in September during Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase. Hopefully, this new set of screenshots can hold players over until the publisher is ready to reveal even more details about the upcoming game.

Barring the abovementioned leaks, there remains an air of secrecy around Resident Evil 8 and all its mysterious setting entails. For instance, Capcom has yet to officially confirm whether they are going to launch the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but leaks suggest those are arriving in addition to current-gen editions.


Perhaps the biggest question of all is when exactly the game will release. Based on information from the hacking last month, Capcom plans to release Resident Evil 8 in April 2021. Even if this specific announcement was at one point precise, there’s currently nothing to imply that Capcom hasn’t changed its schedule for the next year.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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