New Resident Evil Portal Site Expected to Launch in 2021

Back when Resident Evil was initially released in 1996 on the PlayStation, Capcom probably didn’t expect that the survival horror game would be the starting point of a franchise that now extends across different console generations. What’s more, the company most likely didn’t think that the series would later become a film adaptation as well as become a themed attraction at no other than Universal Studios Japan.

Given the fact that Resident Evil now has multiple titles, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the series has several websites that promote respective titles. However, it appears that Capcom now wants to consolidate everything into one convenient website.

Resident Evil is arguably one of the most long-lasting franchises in the gaming industry. New releases, no matter how long they make take, are still met with enthusiasm and excitement. On the other hand, classic titles that get remaked or remastered versions receive critical acclaim.


The upcoming Resident Evil 8 (otherwise known as Resident Evil Village) is committed to incorporating all the best elements found in the previous titles. But because the franchise is so widespread, it’s about time for Capcom to clean up its online presence a little bit.

Starting in early 2021, five different websites that primarily focus on promoting different Resident Evil games will be incorporated into a new Resident Evil Portal site. This is Capcom’s way of trying to make accessing the game’s universe a more efficient and seamless experience for the fans.

The websites that will be pulled into this new portal are the Resident Evil Ambassador Program, Resident, as well as several Japanese Resident Evil websites. The portal can be used by fans to remain up-to-date on all the latest Resident Evil news. It could even be a convenient place for Capcom to clear up any rumors regarding the possible Resident Evil title for the Nintendo Switch that will supposedly feature Rebecca Chambers.

Among other things, the portal site can be used as a social hub where fans can connect with other fans as well as share their stats across the globe.


While more often than not, fans usually learn about updates through leaks and rumors first. However, having one designated place where fans can check for official updates will greatly help Capcom easily communicate with its players.

Players would undoubtedly want one reliable source to go to as they wait for Capcom to confirm whether or not Shinji Mikami will return to the franchise, especially since he previously stated that he would consider the opportunity if he would be given complete control over the creative process.

2021 is expected to be a busy yet exciting year for both Resident Evil fans and the franchise itself, as Resident Evil 8 is set to launch around that release window. It’s unfortunate that the hack that took place a few months ago leaked significant details about the game’s plot. Still, fans are just as excited as ever for the game to drop.

What’s more, it will be the franchise’s 25th anniversary next year, so we expect Capcom to have more surprises in store for its dedicated fanbase. The upcoming streamlined portal site will definitely help the fans as they await more news from the developer.

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